The Prisoner of Zenda (1915 film)

The Prisoner of Zenda is a 1915 British silent adventure film directed by George Loane Tucker and starring Henry Ainley, Jane Gail and Gerald Ames. Shot at Twickenham Studios, it is an adaptation of 1894 novel The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope.[1] A film based on the sequel Rupert of Hentzau was released shortly afterwards with the same director and cast.

The Prisoner of Zenda
Directed byGeorge Loane Tucker
Produced byDaniel Frohman
Written byAnthony Hope (novel)
Edward E. Rose (play)
W. Courtney Rowden
StarringHenry Ainley
Jane Gail
Gerald Ames
Distributed byJury Films
Release date
March 1915
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • Henry Ainley as Rudolf Rasendyll / Rudolf V
  • Jane Gail as Princess Flavia
  • Gerald Ames as Rupert of Hentzau
  • Arthur Holmes-Gore as Michael, Duke of Strelsau
  • Charles Rock as Colonel Sapt
  • George Bellamy as Captain von Rischenheim
  • Norman Yates as Fritz von Tarlenheim
  • Marie Anita Bozzi as Antoinette de Mauban


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