The Princess and the Call Girl

The Princess and the Call Girl is a 1984 American erotic comedy drama film directed by Radley Metzger[1][2][3] and based on a French story, Frontispiece, by Pierre Serbie, that is similar to Mark Twain's novel The Prince and the Pauper.[4][5]

The Princess and the Call Girl
Original film DVD cover
Directed byRadley Metzger
Produced byVictor Béniard
Louis Wolff
Screenplay byRadley Metzger
Story byPierre Serbie
Based onFrontispiece, a French story similar to Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper
StarringCarol Levy
Victor Bevine
Shannah Hall
Chris Beach
Noel Cohen
Christina Swing
Scott Plank
Steve Gadler
CinematographyGérard Loubeau
Edited byScott Vickrey
Highbridge Productions
Naja Films
Distributed byManley Films
Roadshow Home Video
Image Entertainment
Playboy Channel
First Run Features
Release date
  • 1984 (1984)
Running time
90 minutes


Two women, who look alike, one very rich and one very poor, decide to briefly switch roles to see the consequences.


  • Carol Levy as Audrey Swallow/Lucy Darling
  • Victor Bevine as Steve
  • Shannah Hall as Diane
  • Chris Beach as Calvin
  • Noel Cohen as Andrew
  • Christina Swing as Vanessa
  • Scott Plank as Stanley
  • Steve Gadler as Herb


Film reviewer Gary Morris notes that the star of The Princess and the Call Girl film, Carol Levy, has some "charming moments".[6][7] The film, according to another reviewer, is "cheerfully fluffy and consistently erotic ... outside of his Henry Paris titles, [the film] stands as Metzger's funniest achievement ... a fitting epilogue for the age of sexual freedom; they may not make 'em like this anymore, but as long as these films continue to be appreciated, viewers can relive the experience and have quite a few good, hearty laughs along the way".[5]


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