The President's Man: A Line in the Sand

The President's Man 2: A Line in the Sand is a 2002 American made-for-television action film starring Chuck Norris and Judson Mills. It is a sequel to The President's Man. It was first shown on CBS on January 20, 2002. The film was directed by Norris' son Eric Norris and co-produced by his brother Aaron Norris.[1]

The President's Man: A Line in the Sand
Written byJohn Lansing
Bruce Cervi
Directed byEric Norris
StarringChuck Norris
Judson Mills
Jennifer Tung
Joel Swetow
Ali Afshar
Music byKevin Kiner
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Aaron Norris
Chuck Norris
Garry A. Brown
Producer(s)Mike Elias
CinematographyRick Anderson
Editor(s)David Latham
Running time90 minutes
Production company(s)Norris Brothers Entertainment
Original networkCBS
Original releaseJanuary 20, 2002 (2002-01-20)
Preceded byThe President's Man


Secret agent Joshua McCord (Chuck Norris) is assigned by President Adam Mayfield (Robert Urich) to prevent a band of terrorists from setting off a nuclear device in a U.S. city. McCord has to infiltrate the terrorists' headquarters and disarm the bomb. Deke Slater (Judson Mills), McCord's younger assistant, develops a relationship with McCord's daughter Que (Jennifer Tung).


  • Chuck Norris – Joshua McCord
  • Judson Mills – Deke Slater
  • Jennifer Tung – Que McCord
  • Roxanne Hart – Lydia Mayfield
  • Joel Swetow – Fadul Rashid
  • Ali Afshar – Abir Rashid
  • Thom Barry – Gen. Warren Gates
  • Bruce Nozick – Attorney General Phillip Kaznar
  • Maz Jobrani – Ali Faisal
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison – Herself
  • Philip Casnoff – Jack Stanton
  • Robert Urich – President Adam Mayfield
  • Chino Binamo – Guard #1
  • Dameon Clarke – Andy Shelby
  • Dan Flannery – CIA Dir. Carter McLain
  • Jeff Grays – T.C.
  • Sean Hennigan – Dr. Arthur Everett
  • James Huston – Spencer Ryan
  • Maggie Parks - Barbara
  • Bill Poague - Producer
  • Tom Powell - Dr. Rolf Kellner
  • Brett Rice – FBI Dir. Stephen Mornay
  • Jordan Wall – Rob Daniels
  • Jack Watkins – Dan Felder
  • Harout Yerganian - Rashid's Aide
  • Michael Bendall - Guard # 2 (uncredited)
  • Brian Dakota - White House Staff (uncredited)
  • Terry L. Harris - Cult Guard # 1 (uncredited)
  • Rosa Nichols - Waitress (uncredited)

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