The Prehistoric Man

The Prehistoric Man is a 1924 British silent comedy film directed by A. E. Coleby and starring George Robey, Marie Blanche and H. Agar Lyons.[1]

The Prehistoric Man
Directed byA. E. Coleby
Written byGeorge Robey
Sinclair Hill
StarringGeorge Robey
Marie Blanche
H. Agar Lyons
Stoll Pictures
Distributed byStoll Pictures
Release date
March 1924
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • George Robey as He-of-the Beetle Brow
  • Marie Blanche as She-of-the Permanent-Wave
  • H. Agar Lyons as He-of-the-Clutching-Hand
  • W. G. Saunders as He-of-the-Knotty-Joints
  • Johnny Butt as He-of-the-Cedar-Mop
  • Elsie Marriott-Watson as She-of-the-Tireless-Tongue
  • Laurie Leslie as He-of-the-Matted-Beaver


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