The Plunderers (1960 film)

The Plunderers is a 1960 American Western film directed by Joseph Pevney and starring Jeff Chandler and John Saxon.[1] It was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1960.[2]

The Plunderers
Directed byJoseph Pevney
Produced byJoseph Prevney
Written byBob Barbash
StarringJeff Chandler
John Saxon
Dolores Hart
Narrated byJeff Chandler
Music byLeonard Rosenman
CinematographyGene Polito
Edited byTom McAdoo
August Productions
Distributed byAllied Artists
Release date
November 5, 1960
Running time
94 minutes
CountryUnited States


Unruly cowboys Rondo, Jeb, Mule and Davy ride into town. They can't pay for their drinks, so Sheriff McCauley jails them for a night. Then they refuse to pay clerk Ellie Walters at the general store, and take rooms at Kate Miller's hotel.

The rancher Sam Christy is asked for help. He is an American Civil War hero, but has lost an arm and is tired of fighting. When the cowboys beat up the saloon keeper and McCauley is killed by Jeb, however, Sam offers to do what he can.

He is ambushed by the cowboys at the ranch, beaten and his horses stolen. Ellie tends to him and they kiss. In town, Davy is upset by what's happening and wants the cowboys to leave. Ellie is attacked by Rondo, who then comes at Sam with a knife. Ellie shoots him. Sam then kills Mule in a fight and shoots the fleeing Jeb. He allows the remorseful Davy to leave town.



The film was made by August Productions for Allied Artists. August was a production company established by Jeff Chandler in association with writer Bob Barbash and publicist Jess Rand. Chandler described the film as "not a Western though the locale is the West."[3]

Filming started 12 May 1960.[4]


Steve Broidy of Allied Artists was so happy with the film he requested three more movies from August, only two of which Chandler had to appear in.[3]


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