The Personality Kid

The Personality Kid is a 1934 American drama film directed by Alan Crosland, starring Pat O'Brien and Glenda Farrell. The film was based on a story by Gene Towne and C. Graham Baker. It was released by Warner Bros. in July 7, 1934.[1][2] A young prizefighter's success corrupts him and leads him to neglect his wife.

The Personality Kid
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAlan Crosland
Produced byRobert Presnell Sr.
Written byGene Towne
C. Graham Baker
Screenplay byF. Hugh Herbert
Erwin Gelsey
StarringPat O'Brien
Glenda Farrell
Claire Dodd
Music byLeo F. Forbstein
CinematographyWilliam Rees
Edited byTerry O. Morse
Release date
  • July 7, 1934 (1934-07-07)
CountryUnited States


Joan McCarty (Glenda Farrell) is married to boxer Ritzy McCarty (Pat O'Brien), who has had some minor success, due to his active footwork in the ring and colorful personality. His crowd-pleasing technique catches the eyes of promoters Gavin (Robert Gleckler) and Stephens (Henry O'Neill). Under their management, Ritzy starts fighting in better venues and attracts the attention of Patricia Merrill (Claire Dodd). Patricia and Ritzy began an affair, which his wife Joan tolerates. When Ritzy learns that he has been winning because his opponents were paid to lose the fights, and that Joan agreed to these conditions, he leaves her.

Ritzy is suspended for fighting in a fixed fight. Patricia loses interest in him because he is no longer successful. He gets a job attracting customers to a health lecture. Patricia is there and invites him to visit her, but he finds a pregnant Joan waiting at Patricia's apartment. Ritzy, now determined to provide a good life for his child, accepts an offer to lose a fight. However, Ritzy puts up a good fight and knocks out his opponent after hearing that his wife has given birth to a boy. Impressed by the fight, Stephens visits him in the hospital and offers to put Ritzy back in the ring again, this time with legitimate fights.



Pat O'Brien, who had boxed at Marquette University was trained for the movie by boxer Jackie Fields. In the film, Myron Schlecter, the boxing champion of the USS Arizona, and a former champion Mushy Callahan was O'Brien's opponents in the film. The film's pre-release title was "One Man Woman".[3]


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