The Overtaxed

I Tartassati is an Italian comedy film from 1959, directed by Stefano Vanzina, written by Aldo Fabrizi, starring Totò and Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles The Overtaxed (English) and Fripouillard et Compagnie (French).

The Overtaxed
Directed bySteno
Produced byC.E.I.
Written byAldo Fabrizi
Roberto Gianviti
Vittorio Metz
Ruggero Maccari
Louis de Funès
Aldo Fabrizi
Music byPiero Piccioni
Edited byEraldo Da Roma
Release date
  • 29 July 1959 (1959-07-29) (France)
Running time
105 minutes; 89 (France)


Mr. Pezzella (Toto) owns and operates a very well established luxury clothing store. He does not like and does not consider right to pay taxes, therefore he uses a tax consultant (Louis de Funès) to be able to evade more taxes. Unfortunately for Pezzella, the Guardia di Finanza decides to send an inspection, in the form of Marshal Topponi (Aldo Fabrizi) and Brigadier Bardi. This triggers Pezzella’s attempts (guided by the advice of his dishonest and incompetent tax adviser) to get into the graces of the marshal and try to bribe him, and sometimes openly declaring it with an excessive dose of servility. These clumsy attempts will cause the marshal many headaches, due to the intrusiveness of Pezzella, and then will backfire against Pezzella himself. Topponi releases, finally, his report, dooming Pezzella to pay a huge fine. Not yet defeated, Pezzella decides an extreme action, and adopts a plan to steal the purse of the marshal with the report inside. But in the end, perhaps won by compassion for the troubles that the marshal would have gone through because of the stolen bag, and by the advice of a priest, Pezzella returns the bag to his owner. Topponi and Pezzella, after many troubles, become friends and even father in-laws: in fact, Pezzella’s clumsy attempts to fool Topponi allowed the merchant's son to know the marshal’s daughter.



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