The Other People

The Other People (also known as Sleep is Lovely and I Love You, I Hate You) is a 1968 British film. The film appears to have never been released, and is considered a lost film.[2] It was discovered at Paramount in 2017 and will be preserved.

The Other People
Directed byDavid Hart
Produced byStanley Baker
Michael Deeley
Written byDavid Hart
Michael Josef
StarringPeter McEnery
Donald Pleasence
Music byJohnny Dankworth
CinematographyBrian Probyn
Edited byPeter Pitt
Release date
  • 1968 (1968)
CountryUnited Kingdom


Peter can't get over his ex-girlfriend Elsa even though they broke up over a year ago. He spends all his time on a barge owned by his friend John and John's younger brother Colin. One morning Peter, John and Colin see a middle aged man, Clive, fall out of a motor cruiser into the water. They rescue him and decide to ransom him for £1,000. Peter and Elsa are-reunited but Elsa then commences an affair with Colin. Clive turns out to be Elsa's father.



Producer Michael Deeley said director David Hart "was one of the cleverest men I have met and when he decided to be a film director it seemed like a good idea for me to help him."[3] The film was set up at Deeley's Oakhurst Productions and financed by Paramount Pictures as part of a low-budget film state ordered by the studio's new owner, Charles Bluhdorn.[1]

The film was passed to the BBFC for certification in September 1968, but despite the cast involved and backing of Oakhurst Productions and Paramount Pictures, it does not appear to have had a trade screening, been shown to a paying audience, screened on TV or released on video.[1]

In 2017 elements of the film were discovered in the archive at Paramount in Los Angeles. The film will be preserved.


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