The Northern Territory Times

The Northern Territory Times was a newspaper in Darwin established in 1873 and closed in 1932. The paper was called the Northern Territory Times and Gazette from 1873–1927 and then The Northern Territory Times from 1927-1932. For a while, The North Australian (1883-1889), existed as a rival publication proposing "an independent voice".[1]


Following the establishment of a settlement at Port Darwin in 1869, the Northern Territory Times and Gazette was set up in Adelaide and first published in 1873.[2][3] The printing press was shipped to Port Darwin on the Gothenburg. The first edition was printed in a government store at the camp at the foot of Fort Hill on 7 November 1873 by George Thompson Clarkson.[3] A week later the Northern Territory Times and Gazette moved to Mitchell Street.[3] Richard Wells was editor until his death in the wreck of the Gothenburg in 1875.[3] Editor and proprietor for a few years was Joseph Skelton (c. 1822 – 25 April 1884). The Northern Territory Times and Gazette continued publication until 1927,[3] when the title was shortened to the Northern Territory Times.[3] An amalgamation with the Northern Standard occurred in 1932.[3]

The Northern Territory of Australia Government Gazette (1873-present) was published in at least four different Northern Territory newspapers, which are still available online through Trove.[2][4] They were:

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