The Nightingale in the Mountains

The Nightingale in the Mountains (Spanish: El ruiseñor de las cumbres) is a 1958 Spanish musical film directed by Antonio del Amo and starring Joselito, Roberto Camardiel and Dolores Villaespesa.[1] Written by Jaime Garcia-Herranz with the original title of Once upon a time there was a shepherd (Spanish: Era una vez un pastor) it is the last film of what was called the Nightingale trilogy, which included The Little Nightingale (Spanish: El Pequeño Ruiseñor) (1956) and The Song of the Nightingale (Spanish: Saeta del ruiseñor ) (1957)

The Nightingale in the Mountains
Directed byAntonio del Amo
Produced byCesáreo González
Written byJaime García-Herranz
Roberto Camardiel
Dolores Villaespesa
Music byAugusto Algueró
CinematographyJuan Mariné
Edited byPetra de Nieva
Argos P.C.
Suevia Films
Distributed bySuevia Films
Release date
15 December 1958
Running time
86 minutes

The film's sets were designed by Enrique Alarcón. It was filmed in the Spanish locations of Alcalá de la Selva and Mora de Rubielos,[2] as per the insistence of the writer, Jaime Garcia-Herranz, natural of Mora de Rubielos.



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