The Night We Got the Bird

The Night We Got the Bird is a 1961 British comedy film and a follow up to the 1959 film The Night We Dropped a Clanger, it was directed by Darcy Conyers and starring Brian Rix, Dora Bryan, Ronald Shiner and Irene Handl.[1] It is based on Basil Thomas's play The Love Birds,[2] and was the last film Ronald Shiner made.

The Night We Got the Bird
Directed byDarcy Conyers
Produced byDarcy Conyers
Brian Rix
Written byDarcy Conyers
Brian Rix
Tony Hilton
StarringBrian Rix
Dora Bryan
Ronald Shiner
Liz Fraser
Music byTommy Watt
CinematographyS.D Onions
Edited byThelma Connell
Distributed byBritish Lion
Release date
  • 1961 (1961)
Running time
82 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


When unscrupulous Brighton antiques dealer Cecil Gibson (Ronald Shiner) dies, his widow Julie (Dora Bryan) remarries, and she and new husband Bertie (Brian Rix) go off on honeymoon. But they are chased by a gangster because of a fake antique bed that the late Cecil pawned off for quick cash. In addition, it appears Cecil the dealer has reincarnated as a mouthy South American parrot, whose aim is to make married life difficult for his wife and Bertie.[3]


Critical reception

TV Guide wrote, "sophomoric British comedy...The script finds lots of excuses for people to lose their pants and make vulgar, inane sexual jokes that wouldn't amuse a 10-year-old."[4] Allmovie wrote, "several hilarious slapstick scenes involving chases or sexual encounters, as well as the more reserved wit found in caricatures like an inept magistrate, are all hallmarks of a typically British sense of humor here (shared by many non-Brits)."[3] Sky movies wrote, "a fast and furious farce...With humour that's a notch below the contemporary 'Carry On' films. Never mind, there are some priceless cameo performances from the supporting cast, including Robertson Hare as a dithering doctor, John le Mesurier as a long-suffering court clerk, Kynaston Reeves, hilarious as a deaf magistrate, and Terry Scott as a constable."[5]


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