The Newsie and the Lady

The Newsie and the Lady (Spanish: El Canillita y la dama) is a 1938 Argentine comedy film directed and written by Luis César Amadori.[1]

El Canillita y la dama
Film poster
Directed byLuis César Amadori
Written byLuis César Amadori, Antonio Botta
StarringLuis Sandrini
Music byHans Diernhammer
CinematographyGumer Barreiros
Edited byEmilio Murúa
Distributed by Corporación Cinematográfica Argentina
Release date
Running time
101 minutes



La Nación commented on the film stating: "It is not inspired by the environment we know but by that of those frothy American films which so frivolously take us to a world of millionaires... borne on the wings of Frank Capra." In his biography of Amadori in the collection "Los directores del cine argentino" (Argentine Cinema Directors), Claudio España comments: "A modern comedy with a predictable ending and an old theme but with much narrative freshness." For their part, Manrupe and Portela write: "A good Sandrini from the early days when he knew what he could do best, enhanced by the director when they first worked together."[2]


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