The New Exploits of Elaine

The New Exploits of Elaine is a 1915 American action film serial directed by Louis J. Gasnier, Leopold Wharton and Theodore Wharton.[1] It is presumed to be lost.[1]

The New Exploits of Elaine
Screenshot of Pearl White
Directed byLouis J. Gasnier
Leopold Wharton
Theodore Wharton
Produced byLeopold Wharton
Theodore Wharton
Written byArthur B. Reeve
StarringPearl White
Creighton Hale
Distributed byPathé Exchange
Wharton Studios
Release date
  • April 5, 1915 (1915-04-05)
Running time
10 episodes
CountryUnited States


  • Pearl White as Elaine Dodge
  • Creighton Hale as Walter Jameson
  • Arnold Daly as Detective Craig Kennedy
  • Edwin Arden as Wu Fang. Wu Fang appeared in several Pearl White serials. The name was based on a Chinese diplomat. Wu Ting Fang was a Chinese diplomat in Washington and wrote America, through the spectacles of an Oriental diplomat (excerpted in The New York Times, March 22, 1914). This was published less than a year before Arthur B. Reeve created the villain character.[2]
  • M.W. Rale as Long Sin. Long Sin, the Yellow Peril character from the first serial, became just an agent of Wu Fang in this serial.[2]
  • Bessie Wharton as Aunt Josephine
  • Gazelle Marche as Innocent Inez
  • Ah Ling Foo as a Chinese Heavy
  • Howard Cody

Chapter titles

  1. The Serpent Sign
  2. The Cryptic Ring
  3. The Watching Eye
  4. The Vengeance of Wu Fang
  5. The Saving Circles
  6. Spontaneous Combustion
  7. The Ear In The Wall
  8. The Opium Smugglers
  9. The Tell-Tale Heart
  10. Shadows of War

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