The New Breed (TV series)

The New Breed is an American crime drama series that aired on ABC from October 3, 1961 to June 5, 1962, with thirty-six episodes. The series was a QM Production in association with Selmur Productions, Inc.

The New Breed
Main cast members Leslie Nielsen, Greg Roman, John Clarke, and John Beradino in the October 1, 1961 series premiere "No Fat Cops"
GenreCrime drama
Created byHank Searls
Written byDon Brinkley
Peter B. Germano
Jesse L. Lasky, Jr.
Pat Lasky
Directed byWalter Grauman
Jerry Hopper
Allen H. Miner
Joseph Pevney
Pat Silver-Lasky
Hank Searls
Sheldon Stark
StarringLeslie Nielsen
John Clarke
John Beradino
Byron Morrow
Greg Roman
Theme music composerDominic Frontiere
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes36
Executive producer(s)Quinn Martin
Producer(s)Walter Grauman
Running time60 minutes (approx)
Original networkABC
Picture formatBlack-and-white
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseOctober 3, 1961 
June 5, 1962


The series stars Leslie Nielsen as the serious Lieutenant Price Adams who worked on "The Hot Shot Detail" of the LAPD's Metro Squad and former Major League Baseball player John Beradino as Sergeant Vince Cavelli. The script for the first episode, "No Fat Cops," was written by Hank Searls, credited as the creator of the series. Searls also wrote an original novel based on the series under the pseudonym "Lee Costigan."

The New Breed was the first independent production of Quinn Martin under his newly established company, QM Productions. Prior to starting his own production company, Martin had produced The Untouchables for Desilu Productions, and Nielsen was cast for the role of Adams because of a guest appearance he had made on that program in the episode titled "Three Thousand Suspects." The show was scheduled against The Red Skelton Show and Ichabod and Me on CBS and The Dick Powell Show on NBC, and was canceled after one season.


Notable guest stars


Episode #Episode titleOriginal airdateEpisode summary
1-1"No Fat Cops"October 3, 1961A mentally disturbed individual seeks to gain revenge against another man by kidnapping the man's young daughter.
1-2"Prime Target"October 10, 1961The Met Squad only has a small clue to work with in finding a sniper who shoots at religious objects.
1-3"Death of a Ghost"October 17, 1961Adams becomes emotionally involved in the midst of investigating a hit-and-run case.
1-4"To None a Deadly Drug"October 24, 1961The search is on for a woman who was given a lethal dose of a prescription drug by mistake.
1-5"The Compulsion to Confess"October 31, 1961Adams delves into psychology during an investigation of two crimes at an electronics plant.
1-6"'Til Death Do Us Part"November 7, 1961While solving the murder of an unknown domestic worker, Adams ends up saving a marriage.
1-7"The Butcher"November 14, 1961Adams gets a tip in his search for a missing woman who is seeking to have an abortion.
1-8"Wave Goodbye to Grandpa"November 21, 1961The mysterious death of a maid in a fall at a rest home triggers an investigation by the Met Squad.
1-9"Sweet Bloom of Death"November 28, 1961The clock is ticking as the Met Squad has just three hours to find an antidote for an unknown poison in order to save a child's life.
1-10"The Valley of the Three Charlies"December 5, 1961Once again saddled with a minimum of clues, the Met Squad still manages to solve a bank robbery, save a kidnapped girl's life and catch a murderer.
1-11"Lady Killer"December 12, 1961The Met Squad makes an appeal to the general public in an attempt to capture a maniacal criminal assaulter.
1-12"Blood Money"December 19, 1961The attempted suicide of a girl leads the Met Squad to disclose evidence in order to convict a phony doctor.
1-13"I Remember Murder"December 26, 1961The Met Squad attempt to discern the connection between two deaths that take place on a Hollywood sound stage.
1-14"The All-American Boy"January 2, 1962While on stakeout duty, Adams seriously wounds an honor student.
1-15"Cross the Little Line"January 9, 1962In order to capture the head of a major narcotics ring, Garcia goes undercover as a heroin dealer.
1-16"To Sell a Human Being"January 16, 1962During the investigation of a kidnapping, the Met Squad stumbles onto an illegal adoption ring.
1-17"Care is No Cure"January 23, 1962The Met Squad faces nearly insurmountable odds in trying to locate a typhoid carrier.
1-18"Policemen Die Alone (Part 1)"January 30, 1962After a detective is killed while alone on a stakeout, Adams faces possible dismissal from the police force.
1-19"Policemen Die Alone (Part 2)"February 6, 1962A conscience-stricken witness comes forward to help the Met Squad in tracking down the hired killer of a detective.
1-20"Mr. Weltschmerz"February 13, 1962The search is on for a retiree who is sending out bombs in the mail to employees of his old firm that are nearing retirement age.
1-21"Wings for a Plush Horse"February 20, 1962A stormy poet-playwright whose life is being threatened, but makes like difficult for the Met Squad assigned to protect him.
1-22"How Proud the Guilty"February 27, 1962After Adams' daughter is found to be in possession of an objectionable book, Price seeks to balance his search for the source with maintaining his daughter's respect.
1-23"The Torch"March 6, 1962An investigation into a series of fires leads the Met Squad to conclude that a hired arsonist is behind the crimes.
1-24"All the Dead Faces"March 13, 1962Adams attempts to rehabilitate his Korean War commanding officer, who is now a guilt-ridden derelict.
1-25"The Deadlier Sex"March 20, 1962After a payroll thief is shot, the Met Squad searches for a number of suspects, all of them women.
1-26"Edge of Violence"March 27, 1962A search is conducted by the Met Squad to find a gunman who has been shooting young adult delinquents.
1-27"Echoes of Hate"April 3, 1962A German-American is blamed by a Norwegian family for the death of their brother and son.
1-28"The Man With the Other Face"April 10, 1962Cavelli becomes personally involved when a friend from his childhood tells him that she thinks that her husband will harm her.
1-29"Thousands and Thousands of Miles"April 17, 1962Due to her parents' dislike of her boyfriend, a girl steals jewelry and silverware from the family home to finance the couple's elopement.
1-30"Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here"April 24, 1962The death of a young girl from a fall at a convention hotel leads the Met Squad to investigate what happened.
1-31"My Brother's Keeper"May 1, 1962After arresting a young troublemaker, Cavelli finds his reputation at stake.
1-32"A Motive Named Walter"May 8, 1962The Met Squad seeks to discover the identity of a woman who purchases store items on credit and forges other customers' names.
1-33"Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?"May 15, 1962A charming man who sweeps lovelorn women off their feet before killing them is the object of the Met Squad.
1-34"Judgment at San Belito"May 22, 1962The Met Squad becomes involved with a man who's suffering persecution for unknown reasons.
1-35"So Dark the Night"May 29, 1962An arson attempt leads the Met Squad to help a couple understand the plight of a mentally retarded son.
1-36"Walk This Street Lightly"June 5, 1962The theft of $750,000 in negotiable securities is materminded by an art patron.
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