The New Adventures of Lucky Luke

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lucky Luke (English: The New Adventures of Lucky Luke) is a French-Canadian animated television series based on the Franco-Belgian comic book series of the same name created by Belgian cartoonist Morris. It was directed by Olivier Jean-Marie and produced by Marc du Pontavice at the Xilam studios in Paris, France. The music for the series was composed by Ramon Pipin and Hervé Lavandier. A theatrical feature-length film directly based on the series titled Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure was later released in 2007.

The New Adventures of Lucky Luke
Created byMorris
Directed byOlivier Jean-Marie
Composer(s)Ramon Pipin
Hervé Lavandier
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French
No. of series1
No. of episodes52
Executive producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Xilam
Lucky Comics
Original networkFrance 3 (France)
Original releaseSeptember 16, 2001 
May 4, 2003
Followed byLes Dalton
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Lucky Luke is a cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow. With the help of his faithful horse Jolly Jumper (the world's smartest horse) and sometimes also Rintindumb (the world's dumbest dog), he maintains peace and order in the Wild West. He hunts down desperadoes, keeps sharpshooters like Billy the Kid in check and constantly recaptures and returns The Daltons to prison.

French cast

  • Antoine de Caunes - Lucky Luke
  • Eric Legrand - Jolly Jumper, Jack and William Dalton
  • Bernard Alane: Averell Dalton
  • Gérard Surugue - Joe Dalton
  • Francis Perrin - Rintindumb
  • Isabelle Mangini - Calamity Jane
  • Eric Metayer - Général Custer
  • Donald Reignoux - Billy the Kid
  • Marc Saez - Shérif Sleekhorn, Tchin-Tchin
  • François Siener - Aigle Intègre, John Glutton
  • Françoise Vallon - Lola Montes
  • Valérie Karsenti


English cast


No. in
No. in
Title (French title) Written by Storyboard by Original air date U.S. air date
11"Liki Liki"
Franck EkicniOlivier Jean-MarieSeptember 16, 2001 (2001-09-16)TBA
22"Lucky Luke In Alaska"
"Lucky Luke en Alaska"
Franck EkinciCharles VaucelleFebruary 24, 2002 (2002-02-24)TBA
33"Lucky Luke vs Sherlock Holmes, The Daltons Against Sherlock Holmes"
Yves CoulonFrançois RossoSeptember 23, 2001 (2001-09-23)TBA
44"Lucky Luke Meets Lucky Luke"
"Lucky Luke Contre Lucky Luke"
Franck EkinciLuc VinciguerraSeptember 30, 2001 (2001-09-30)TBA
55"Hurray For Holly Woods"
Olivier Jean-Marie and Jean-Luc PromentalOlivier Jean-MarieOctober 14, 2001 (2001-10-14)TBA
66"Neither Dalton Nor Master"
Jean-François HenryJean-Charles FinckTBATBA
77"Indian Roulette"
Jean-Luc PromentalOlivier Jean-MarieTBATBA
88"Fort Custer"
Jean-François HenryJean-Jacques PrunesTBATBA
99"The Treasure Of The Daltons"
Jean-François HenryDiego ZamoraTBATBA
1010"The Flying Cowboy"
Jean-Luc FromentalCharles VaucelleTBATBA
1111"For A Fistful Of Dalton"
Jean-Luc FromentalJean-Charles FinckTBATBA
1212"The Crown Princes"
Jean-François HenryFrançois RossoTBATBA
1313"The Dalton Indians"
Jean-Marc LenglenCharles VaucelleTBATBA
1414"The Last Bison"Jean-François HenryFrançois RossoTBATBA
1515"Justice for the Daltons"
Stephen DesbergPhillipe LeconteTBATBA
1616"The Daltons' Christmas"
Kamel Benyahia and Jean-François HenryAugusto ZanovelloTBATBA
1717"Cuff Love"
Yves CoulonEric SerreTBATBA
1818"Vultures in The Plain, Vultures Over The Prairie"
Jean-Marc LenglenPhillipe LeconteJanuary 6, 2002 (2002-01-06)TBA
1919"A New Dad For The Daltons"
Monique Reboh and Patrick NordmannOlivier Jean-MarieTBATBA
2020"The Promised"
Laurent Rullier and Jean-François HenryJean-Charles FinckTBATBA
2121"Desperadoes Union"
Olivier Jean-Marie and Jean-François HenryLaurent SalouTBATBA
2222"Ghosts And Pipes"
Lorris Murail and Jean-Luc FromentalBruno CouetteTBATBA
2323"The Commodore"
Jean-Luc FromentalPilar BalsalobreTBATBA
2424"Don Quijote of Texas"
Jean-Marc LenglenJean-Luc AbivenTBATBA
2525"The Battle"
Jean-François HenryOlivier GrabiasTBATBA
2626"The Mare"
Jean-Marc LenglenLaurent SalouTBATBA
2727"Lola Montès"Kamel Benyahia and Jean-François HenryCharles VaucelleTBATBA
2828"The Beast of Alabama"
Jean-Marc LenglenCharles VaucelleTBATBA
2929"The Daltons See Double"
Peter BertsBruno CouetteTBATBA
3030"A Cannon For The Daltons"
Charles Imbert and Franck EkinciLaurent SalouTBATBA
3131"Indian Romance"
Yves CoulonPilar BalsalobreTBATBA
3232"The Daltons' Ghosts"
Claude Gars and Jean-François HenryCharles VaucelleTBATBA
3333"The Kid's Gang"
Peter BertsPhillipe LeconteTBATBA
3434"The Daltons Rise In The Air"
Claude Gars and Jean-François Henry
Based on the idea by: Stephanie Joalland and Marc Journeux
Richard FabyTBATBA
Jean-François HenryYves MontagneTBATBA
3636"Jackpot For The Daltons"
Jean-Marc LenglenLaurent SalouTBATBA
3737"Martian Theory"
Olivier Jean-Marie and Jean-François HenryPilar BalsalobreTBATBA
3838"The Daltons Cowboys"
Yves CoulonSerge EllisaldeTBATBA
Franck EkicniAlexi DucordTBATBA
4040"Charity Dalton"
Olivier Jean-MarieRichard FabyTBATBA
4141"Dalton Junior"
Jean-Marc LenglenLaurent SalouTBATBA
Franck EkicniJean-Charles FinckTBATBA
4343"The Revenge Of The Daltons"
Kamel BenyahiaSandra DervalTBATBA
4444"War of The Medics"
Jean-Marc LenglenSandra DervalTBATBA
4545"The Daltons vs. Billy The Kid"
Yves CoulonPhilippe LeconteTBATBA
4646"Crown Witness"
Jean-Marc LenglenPhilippe LeconteTBATBA
4747"A Bone For The Daltons"
Olivier Jean-MarieStephane PierraTBATBA
4848"The Great Nose Of Talisman"
Claude GarsYves MontagneTBATBA
4949"The Dalton Soldiers"
Jean-François Henry
Based on the idea by: Patrick Micel
Laurent SalouTBATBA
5050"The Return Of Liki Liki"
Jean-François HenryAlexis DucordTBATBA
5151"Sequoia Bay"
Beatrice MarthouretJean-Luc AbivenTBATBA
5252"The Schoolmaster"
Franck EkicniAlexis DucordTBATBA


Ten years after the last series of Lucky Luke episodes, Xilam has launched the production of new ones. The hope for Marc du Pontavice for this series is that it has to fill in the gap between the series already aired "which have aged" the new episodes "which have not aged". Fifty-two episodes were made with a budget of 120 million francs (just over EUR 18 million). These episodes are new stories written for the series.

  • Because he died in July 2001, and the show was not released until September, apart from a few rushes, Morris never viewed the series.
  • The series uses the graphic process Morris used that employs colors to differentiate a character according to its value in the (foreground, background), according to his mood state (green rage, ...) or to describe a mood (red fire, night blue, ...).

Some characters are caricatures (Garcimore, Roberto Benigni, Woody Allen, ...)

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