The New Adventures of Charlie Chan

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan is a British-American crime drama series that aired in the United States in syndicated television from June 1957, to 1958.[1] The first five episodes were made by Vision Productions in the United States, before production switched to the United Kingdom under ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America.

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
GenreCrime drama
Directed byLeslie Arliss
Charles Bennett
Don Chaffey
Charles F. Haas
Alvin Rakoff
StarringJ. Carrol Naish
James Hong
Composer(s)Emil Newman
Country of originUnited States
United Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes39
Executive producer(s)Leon Fromkess
Producer(s)Rudolph C. Flothow
Sidney Marshall
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time25 mins.
Production company(s)Vision Productions (episodes 1-5)
ITC Entertainment
Television Programs of America
DistributorITC Entertainment
Original networkSyndication
Picture formatBlack-and-white
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseJune 1957 
Preceded byThe Sky Dragon
Followed byThe Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan
The Return of Charlie Chan


The series, consisting of 39 half-hour monochrome episodes, follows the investigations of the fictional detective Charlie Chan, created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1925. The series follows the convention, established in the Charlie Chan movies, of having the Asian character Chan played by a Western actor while his son(s) were played by actual Asians.

Main cast

Guest stars

Guest stars, most notably under ITC, include:

Episode list

Season 1

This list appears to be in production order. The first five episodes were filmed in the US by Vision, the remaining episodes in the UK by ITC.

  1. "Your Money or Your Wife"
  2. "Secret of the Sea"
  3. "The Lost Face"
  4. "Blind Man's Buff"
  5. "The Great Salvos"
  6. "The Counterfeiters"
  7. "The Death of a Don"
  8. "Charlie's Highland Fling"
  9. "The Patient in Room 21"
  10. "The Rajput Ruby"
  11. "The Final Curtain"
  12. "Death at High Tide"
  13. "The Circle of Fear"
  14. "An Exhibit in Wax"
  15. "Backfire"
  16. "Patron of the Arts"
  17. "A Hamlet in Flames"
  18. "Dateline: Execution"
  19. "The Sweater"
  20. "The Noble Art of Murder"
  21. "Three Men on a Raft"
  22. "No Holiday for Murder"
  23. "No Future for Frederick"
  24. "Safe Deposit"
  25. "Voodoo Death"
  26. "The Expatriate" (aka "Ex-Patriot")
  27. "The Airport Murder Case"
  28. "The Hand of Hera Dass"
  29. "The Chippendale Racket"
  30. "The Invalid"
  31. "The Man in the Wall"
  32. "Something Old, Something New"
  33. "The Man with 100 Faces"
  34. "The Point of No Return"
  35. "A Bowl By Cellini"
  36. "Without Fear"
  37. "Kidnap"
  38. "Rhyme or Treason"
  39. "Three for One"


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