The Nashville A-Team

The Nashville A-Team was a nickname given to a group of session musicians in Nashville, Tennessee, who earned wide acclaim in the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. They backed dozens of popular singers, including Elvis Presley, Eddy Arnold, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Bob Dylan, Moon Mullican, Jerry Lee Lewis, Brenda Lee, and others.[1]

The Nashville A-Team's members typically had backgrounds in country music but were highly versatile. Examples of their jazz inclinations can be found in the Nashville All-Stars album with Chet Atkins titled After the Riot at Newport; the Hank Garland LP entitled Velvet Guitar; Tupper Saussy's Said I to Shostakovitch; Kai Winding's Modern Country; Gary Burton's Tennessee Firebird; and Chester and Lester by Chet Atkins and Les Paul.

In 2007, The Nashville A-Team was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville.[2]


Notable members of "The Nashville A-Team" included:

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