The Mystic

The Mystic is a 1925 American MGM silent drama film directed by Tod Browning, who later directed MGM's Freaks (1932). It was co-written by Browning and Waldemar Young, writing a similar storyline to their earlier 1925 hit film The Unholy Three. Browning was unable however to hire his favorite star Lon Chaney this time around, and The Mystic wound up a little-known film with a cast of now-forgotten names.[1] Aileen Pringle's gowns in the film were by already famous Romain de Tirtoff (known as Erté).[2] A print of the film exists.[3]

The Mystic
Lobby card
Directed byTod Browning
Produced byLouis B. Mayer
Irving Thalberg
Written byTod Browning
Waldemar Young
StarringAileen Pringle
Conway Tearle
CinematographyIra H. Morgan
Edited byFrank Sullivan
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • September 27, 1925 (1925-09-27)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States


Zara (Aileen Pringle) is a gypsy rogue who joins with Confederate Zazarack (Mitchell Lewis) to aid Michael Nash (Conway Tearle), the crooked guardian of heiress Doris Merrick (Gladys Hulette), to gain control of her estate by way of fake seances. He tries to convince her that her dead father is telling her to give all of her worldly possessions to the phony spitualists.



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