The Mystery of the Villa Rose

The Mystery of the Villa Rose (French: Le mystère de la villa rose) is a 1930 French mystery film directed by René Hervil and Louis Mercanton and starring Léon Mathot, Simone Vaudry and Louis Baron fils.[1]

The Mystery of the Villa Rose
Directed byRené Hervil
Louis Mercanton
Produced byJacques Haïk
Written byA.E.W. Mason (novel)
Louis d'Yvré
Pierre Maudru
Cyril Twyford
StarringLéon Mathot
Simone Vaudry
Louis Baron fils
CinematographyBasil Emmott
Distributed byLes Établissements Jacques Haïk
Release date
17 January 1930
Running time
100 minutes


The film is based on the novel At the Villa Rose by A.E.W. Mason. A separate English-language version At the Villa Rose was made by Twickenham Studios. The film's sets were designed by James A. Carter. Different sources disagree over where the French-language version was actually made, with one claim that it was produced at Twickenham as the first bilingual film in Britain.[2] Alternatively it is suggested that it was made at the newly established Courbevoie Studios in Paris, in which case it could lay a claim to be one of the earliest French sound films.[3] Britain had converted to sound faster than France so several French filmmakers went to British studios to make films for release in France. Another French-language version of a Mason novel La Maison de la Fléche, was also shot at Twickenham during the period.



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