The Mysteries of Paris (1922 film)

The Mysteries of Paris (French: Les mystères de Paris) is a 1922 French silent serial film drama directed by Charles Burguet and starring Huguette Duflos, Georges Lannes and Andrée Lionel.[1] It is based on the novel The Mysteries of Paris by Eugène Sue. The serial ran in twelve installments.

The Mysteries of Paris
Directed byCharles Burguet
Written byAndré-Paul Antoine
Charles Burguet
Eugène Sue (novel)
StarringHuguette Duflos
Georges Lannes
Andrée Lionel
CinematographyAlbert Cohendy
Georges Raulet
Phocea Film
Release date
6 October 1922
French intertitles


  • Huguette Duflos as Fleur-de-Marie
  • Georges Lannes as Le prince Rodolphe
  • Andrée Lionel as Sarah MacGrégor
  • Camille Bardou as Le Chourineur
  • Suzanne Bianchetti as La marquise d'Harville
  • Paul Vermoyal as Maître Ferrand - le notaire
  • Gilbert Dalleu as Le Maître d'école
  • Jeanne Bérangère as La Chouette
  • Gaston Modot as Martial
  • Yvonne Sergyl as Louise Morel
  • Paul Guidé as Le marquis d'Harville
  • Pierre Fresnay as François Germain
  • Madeleine Guitty as La Goualeuse
  • Berthe Jalabert as Madame Séraphin
  • Charles Lamy as Monsieur Pipelet
  • Sarah Duhamel as Madame Pipelet
  • Desdemona Mazza as Cecily
  • Simone Vaudry as Claire Dubreuil
  • Pierrette Caillol as Rigolette
  • Rachel Bérendt as La Louve
  • Ernest Maupain as Walter Murph
  • René Blancard as Bras-Rouge
  • G.A. Martin as Tortillard
  • Pillot as Tom Seyton
  • Carlo Liten as Morel
  • Régine Dumien as Fleur-de-Marie enfant
  • Maxime Desjardins as Le grand duc
  • Paul Bernard as Rodolphe adolescent
  • Suzanne Bles
  • Brunet as Cabrion
  • Georges de la Noé
  • Jules de Spoly
  • Robby Guichard as Rodolphe enfant
  • Mazalto as Madame Dubreuil
  • Gisele Mundo as Madame Georges
  • Madame Perrel as Madame Georges
  • Ray-Roy
  • Marceline Rouvier as Madame d'Orbigny
  • Yvonne Vallet
  • Maurice Vauthier as Le docteur Polidori
  • Lucien Walter as Malicorne


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