The Morning (film)

The Morning (original title Jutro) is a 1967 Yugoslav film directed by Mladomir Puriša Đorđević. It is the third part of a wartime tetralogy by Đorđević.[1] The film entered in competition at the 28th Venice International Film Festival and Ljubiša Samardžić won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor for his role.



  1. Jelena Batinić Women and Yugoslav Partisans: A History of World War II Resistance 1107091071 - 2015 "One of the most innovative, poetic, and controversial takes on the war and its aftermath was provided by Puriša Đorđevic8's film Morning (Jutro), 1967, the third part of his wartime tetralogy; the remaining three were Girl (Devojka), 1965; Dream (San, 1966), Morning (]utro, 1967), and Noon (Podne, 1968), beginning with a tragic wartime tale, followed by a poetic meditation about partisan warfare, a somber study of a peacetime dawn, and a reflection, in the full light of noon, on the break with Moscow."

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