The Mondesir Heir

The Mondesir Heir (French: L'héritier des Mondésir) is a 1940 French-German comedy film directed by Albert Valentin and starring Fernandel, Elvire Popesco and Jules Berry. It was shot in Berlin by the German studio UFA in a co-production arrangement with its own French subsidiary ACE. Made before the Second World War broke out, it was the last of twenty one such productions.[1]

The Mondesir Heir
Film poster
Directed byAlbert Valentin
Produced byRaoul Ploquin
Dietrich von Theobald
Written byJean Aurenche
Lucien Guidice
Pierre Bost
Elvire Popesco
Jules Berry
Music byGeorges Van Parys
CinematographyEkkehard Kyrath
Edited byHenri Taverna
L'Alliance Cinématographique Européenne
Distributed byL'Alliance Cinématographique Européenne
Release date
1 May 1940
Running time
102 minutes


  • Fernandel as Bienaimé de Mondésir, le baron de Mondésir & ses aïeux
  • Elvire Popesco as Erika Axelos
  • Jules Berry as Waldemar
  • Gaby André as Janine Richard - La postière
  • Monette Dinay as Rosette
  • Jacques Derives as L'ordonnateur
  • Yves Deniaud as Gaston
  • Hugues Wanner as Lepetit
  • Henri Beaulieu as Le colonel
  • Lucien Dayle as Le notaire
  • Marfa d'Hervilly as La cliente de Waldemer
  • Fernand Flament as Martinot
  • Frédéric Mariotti as Costecalde
  • Edmond Ardisson as Justin - Le chauffeur
  • Simone Gauthier as La première jeune fille du ciel
  • Édouard Delmont as Firmin - Le majordome des Mondésir
  • Tramel as Le curé
  • Mathilde Alberti as Madame Cassard
  • Bill Bocket as Le vitrier
  • Jacques B. Brunius as Le médecin
  • Ketti Dallan as Ginette
  • Paul Denneville as Le marchand de cycles
  • Marthe Derminy as Madame Février-Mars
  • Drejac as Le fils du marchand
  • Odile Dufay as Mademoiselle de Picoult
  • Jacqueline Dufranne as Marguerite
  • Suzy Flory as La commère
  • Paul Fournier as Le bistro
  • Sonia Gobar as Lucette
  • Philippe Grey as Max
  • Denise Helia as Gaby
  • Elyane Herenguel as La deuxième jeune fille du ciel
  • Anna Lefeuvrier as Irma
  • Palmyre Levasseur as La patronne du bistro
  • Jeanne Longuet as Raymonde
  • Marcelly as L'épicière
  • Jany Marsa as La voisine
  • I. Mense as L'ami
  • Auguste Mouriès as Quatrefages
  • Léo Mouriès as Madame Costecalde
  • Robert Ozanne as Petit rôle
  • Roger Peter as Xavier
  • Rocca as Le petit vieux
  • André Saint-Germain as Chabernac
  • Georges Serrano as Petit rôle
  • Rita Stoya as Clara
  • Solange Vallée as Mado
  • Jacques Valois as Jimmy
  • Ernest Varial as Le charron


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