The Mixtures

The Mixtures were an Australian rock band that formed in Melbourne in 1965.


Australian musicians Terry Dean and Rod De Clerk met in Tasmania in 1965. They then met Laurie Arthur, a member of the Strangers, and the three decided to form a band together after a jam session. They quickly signed to EMI that same year and released three singles. They went through several line-up changes over the following few years, then signed to CBS Records in 1969. A few further singles followed before transferring to Fable Records in 1970.

The Mixtures recorded a cover of Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" and—as a result of the 1970 radio ban, during which many Australian radio stations refused to play Australian and British music released by major labels—received much more airplay than had initially been expected for a group on a small record label. The single went to #1 in Australia for six weeks. They followed up with "The Pushbike Song" (produced by David Mackay), which went to #1 in Australia for two weeks, hit #2 in the UK Singles Chart,[1] and went to #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. after being released on Sire Records.

The next single, "Henry Ford", peaked at #43 in Australia. Further line-up changes ensued before "Captain Zero" went to #6 in Australia in 1971, their last big hit. The group underwent some more line-up changes including Brenton Fosdike (guitar, vocals), John Petcovich (drums, vocals) and the last member to join was keyboard player Rob Scott. In 1978 the band travelled to Perth to do some recording and put together a new show. During this time bass player Chris Spooner died in a fishing accident at Trigg Beach. The band only carried on for a further three months as a four-piece before breaking up in early 1979. The remaining four members, Brenton, John, Rob and Peter Williams, then formed a new band with two other Australians, (Dennis Broad and Paul Reynolds) and the band was named BRIX.

Fred Wieland, whose tenure with the Mixtures led to an appearance in the United Kingdom program Never Mind the Buzzcocks, died of lung cancer in December 2018 at the age of 75.[2]


  • Terry Dean (vocals) 1965-?
  • Laurie Arthur (guitar, vocals) 1965-67
  • Greg Cook (guitar, vocals) 1970 - March 1971
  • John Creech (drums, vocals) 1965-70
  • Rod De Clerk (bass, vocals) 1965-67
  • Buddy England (vocals) June 1969 - March 1970
  • Mick Flinn (bass) 1967- May 1972
  • Dennis Garcia (organ) 1967
  • Mick Holden (drums) early 1971
  • Gary Howard (drums) 1970-71
  • Alan "Edgell" James (bass) late 1966
  • Idris Jones (vocals) late 1967- June 1969; 1970; 1971
  • Don Lebler (drums) April 1971 - 1976
  • Chris Spooner (bass) May 1972 - 1978
  • Fred Wieland (guitar) 1967 (Died 2018)
  • Peter Williams (vocals, guitar) 1971-79
  • Brenton Fosdike (vocals, guitar)
  • John Petcovich (vocals, drums)
  • Rob Scott (keyboards, vocals)



  • In the Summertime (Fable, 1971)
  • The Best of the Mixtures (Fable, 1972)
  • The Mixtures (Harlequin, 1974)


Year Single Peak positions
1967 "Music, Music, Music" 57
1969 "Here Comes Love Again" 66
1970 "In The Summertime" 1 ---
1971 "The Pushbike Song" 2 44
1971 "Henry Ford" 43
"Captain Zero" 16

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