The Maragatan Sphinx

The Maragatan Sphinx (Spanish:La esfinge maragata) is a 1950 Spanish drama film directed by Antonio de Obregón and starring Paquita de Ronda.[1] It takes its title from the Maragatería region.

The Maragatan Sphinx
Directed byAntonio de Obregón
Produced byAntonio de Obregón
Written byConcha Espina (novel)
Selma Barberi
José Luis Gamboa
Antonio de Obregón
StarringPaquita de Ronda
Music byJesús García Leoz
CinematographyAlfonso Nieva
Edited byJulio Peña
Antonio de Obregón P.C.
España Actualidades
Distributed byC.B. Films
Release date
26 January 1950
Running time
85 minutes


  • Paquita de Ronda as Mariflor Salvadores
  • Luis Peña as Rogelio
  • Juan José Martínez Casado as Antonio Salvadores
  • Juan de Landa as Tío Cristóbal
  • Fernando Fernández de Córdoba
  • Carmen Reyes
  • Julia Caba Alba as Tía de Mariflor
  • Gabriel Algara
  • Juana Mansó
  • Julia Pachelo
  • Manena Algora
  • Emilio Pages
  • Concha López Silva
  • Mari Paz Molinero


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