The Man Who Finally Died

The Man Who Finally Died is a 1963 British CinemaScope thriller film directed by Quentin Lawrence and starring Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing, Mai Zetterling and Eric Portman.[1] It was based on a 1959 ITV serial. The screenplay concerns a German immigrant to Britain who receives a mysterious phone call telling him his father is not really dead. He returns to Bavaria to investigate the matter. John Burke wrote a novelisation of the screenplay.

The Man Who Finally Died
US release film poster
Directed byQuentin Lawrence
Produced byNorman Williams
Written byLewis Griefer
Louis Marks
StarringStanley Baker
Peter Cushing
Music byPhillip Green
CinematographyStephen Dade
Edited byJohn Jympson
White Cross Management
Distributed byBritish Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
December 1963 (UK)
1967 (US)
Running time
100 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Plot summary

Joe Newman formerly Joachim Deutsch returns to his small hometown in Bavaria, after living in England since the outbreak of World War II. He seeks information of what has become of his father. He finds out that his father is dead, but that he escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and went to live with a certain Dr. von Brecht, and that he later married a woman named Lisa. Everywhere Joe turns to find answers people, including Police Inspector Hofmeister and insurance agent Brenner, are reluctant to talk and give more details concerning the circumstances surrounding his father, and Joe begins to suspect that this is a cover-up and that the people want to keep certain facts regarding his father a secret. Joe breaks into von Brecht's home and finds an old man in the attic. He is knocked unconscious before he can learn the old man's identity. When he regains consciousness, Joe sees the old man being driven away by von Brecht, Brenner, and Lisa. Joe tracks them to a railway station and discovers that the man is a renowned scientist who switched places with his father just before the father's death. Following a battle with Brenner, Joe rescues the scientist from being abducted to the East and helps him escape the country.[2]



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