The Man Who Came Back (1924 film)

The Man Who Came Back is a 1924 silent film drama directed by Emmett J. Flynn and starring George O'Brien and Dorothy Mackaill. It was produced and released by Fox Film Corporation.[2][3]

The Man Who Came Back
Directed byEmmett J. Flynn
Produced byWilliam Fox
Written byEdmund Goulding
Based onnovel by John Fleming Wilson and play The Man Who Came Back by Jules Eckert Goodman c.1916[1]
StarringGeorge O'Brien
Dorothy Mackaill
CinematographyLucien Andriot
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
August 17, 1924
LanguageSilent..English intertitles

Fox brought the story to the screen again in 1931 as an early talkie, The Man Who Came Back.


Preservation status

  • Incomplete or fragment held at Narodni Filmovy Archive and incomplete print at UCLA Film & Television.[4][5]


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