The Man Who Bought London (novel)

The Man Who Bought London is a 1915 crime novel by the British writer Edgar Wallace.[1] It was originally published as a magazine serialisation.[2]

The Man Who Bought London
AuthorEdgar Wallace
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherWard Lock
Publication date
Media typePrint

An American Kerry King leads a syndicate of millionaire in an attempt to buy up large chunks of London in order to redevelop them for the benefit of the poorer inhabitants. His plan is threatened by the schemes of Hermann Zeberlieff a former business partner .

Film adaptation

It was adapted for a 2016 British silent film of the same title directed by Floyd Martin Thornton and starring Evelyn Boucher and Roy Travers. It was the first of many screen adaptations of Wallace's novels and stories.[3]

The tale was adapted again under the title Time to Remember (1962), directed by Charles Jarrott. It was an entry in the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series of second features made at Merton Park Studios.


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