The Little Red Songbook

The Little Red Songbook is the twelfth studio album by Scottish musician Momus, released by Le Grand Magistery in 1998. Momus describes the album's style as part of his "analog baroque" phase: "an odd blend of classicism and kitschy futurism."[1] The album features a number of karaoke versions of the songs that were used for a singing contest; the winners of the contest appear on the album Stars Forever.

The Little Red Songbook
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Released1998 (1998)
LabelLe Grand Magistery
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The Little Red Songbook
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The title was inspired by the controversial Danish book The Little Red Schoolbook.[3]


The original release of The Little Red Songbook contained the song "Walter Carlos", which postulated that, once time travel is possible, transgender musician Wendy Carlos could go back in time and marry Walter Carlos, Carlos's pre-transition identity. In 1998, Wendy Carlos sued Momus for $22 million over the song.[4] The case was settled out of court, with Momus agreeing to remove it from the album and owing $30,000 in legal fees.[5] Subsequent releases of the album do not include the song.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Momus.

1."Old Friend, New Flame"2:05
2."MC Escher"3:31
3."Who Is Mr. Jones?"2:09
4."Harry K-Tel"2:05
5."Lucretia Borgia"2:50
6."How to Spot an Invert"1:42
7."Everyone I Have Ever Slept With"2:43
8."Born to Be Adored"4:14
9."Coming in a Girl's Mouth"1:34
10."What Are You Wearing?"5:32
11."The New Decameron"1:43
12."The Symphonies of Beethoven"4:13
13."Tragedy and Farce"2:38
14."Mrs. X, An Ex-Lover"2:09
15."A White Oriental Flower"4:49
16."Some Mistranslations"2:02
17."The Ugly Sister"1:04
18."Welcome to My Show Trial"6:03
19."Old Friend, New Flame" (Karaoke Version)2:06
20."Tragedy and Farce" (Karaoke Version)2:39
21."The New Decameron" (Karaoke Version)1:46
22."Coming in a Girl's Mouth" (Karaoke Version)1:36
23."Mrs. X, An Ex-Lover" (Karaoke Version)2:10
24."Harry K-Tel" (Karaoke Version)2:07
25."Who Is Mr. Jones?" (Karaoke Version)2:20
26."How to Spot an Invert" (Karaoke Version)1:44
27."The Symphonies of Beethoven" (Karaoke Version)4:07


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