The Little Boss

The Little Boss is a 1919 American silent romantic comedy film directed by David Smith and produced by Vitagraph Studios.[2] The story and screenplay were by Rida Johnson Young,[1][2][5] and it starred Bessie Love and Wallace MacDonald.

The Little Boss
Bessie Love in The Little Boss
Directed byDavid Smith
Screenplay byRida Johnson Young
Story byRida Johnson Young
CinematographyClyde De Vinna[1]
Release date
  • June 2, 1919 (1919-06-02) (U.S.)[3]
Running time
5 reels[4]
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)

The film is presumed lost.[6]


Exterior scenes were filmed at the Little River Redwood Company, an actual lumber camp in Eureka, California.[2][7][8] Scenes with log flumes were filmed in Fresno, California.[9][10]


Peggy (Love) is the owner of a lumber camp, and she falls for Clayton, a man from the city (MacDonald), who comes to the camp. Clayton's sister invites Peggy to come to the city, where she attends school, and becomes a "modern woman." When Peggy returns to the camp, it is revealed that she was never the true owner of the lumber camp, but this does not matter to Clayton, who is love with Peggy.[2]



On its release, the film was shown with the a Burton Holmes Travelogue and the comedy Taking a Chance in some theaters;[11] The Heart Punch and The Little Widow were shown in others.[7]


Clyde De Vinna's photography of the redwood forests was highly praised, although the overall reception of the film was negative.[12]


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