The Life Collection

The Life Collection is a 24-disc DVD box set of eight titles from David Attenborough's 'Life' series of BBC natural history programmes. It was released in the UK on 5 December 2005 and has also been made available on Region 4 DVD in Australia and New Zealand. The Region 4 DVD contains four fewer discs as Life on Earth is not included. It has not yet been issued in Region 1 encoding for the US.


The ninth part of the "Life" series, Life in Cold Blood (2008), was not yet available at the time of the release of this set and is not included.


The following is a list of episodes found in David Attenborough's Life collection.

Life on Earth

  1. The Infinite Variety
  2. Building Bodies
  3. The First Forests
  4. The Swarming Hordes
  5. The Conquest of the Waters
  6. The Invasion of the Land
  7. Victors of the Dry Lands
  8. Lords of the Air
  9. The Rise of the Mammals
  10. Theme and Variations
  11. The Hunters and the Hunted
  12. Life in the Trees
  13. The Compulsive Communicators

The Living Planet

  1. The Building of the Earth
  2. The Frozen World
  3. The Northern Forests
  4. Jungle
  5. Seas of Grass
  6. The Baking Deserts
  7. The Sky Above
  8. Sweet Fresh Water
  9. The Margins of the Land
  10. Worlds Apart
  11. The Open Ocean
  12. New Worlds

The Trials of Life

  1. Arriving
  2. Growing Up
  3. Finding Food
  4. Hunting and Escaping
  5. Finding the Way
  6. Homemaking
  7. Living Together
  8. Fighting
  9. Friends and Rivals
  10. Talking to Strangers
  11. Courting
  12. Continuing the Line

Life in the Freezer

  1. The Bountiful Sea
  2. The Ice Retreats
  3. The Race to Breed
  4. The Door Closes
  5. The Big Freeze
  6. Footsteps in the Snow

The Private Life of Plants

  1. Travelling
  2. Growing
  3. Flowering
  4. The Social Struggle
  5. Living Together
  6. Surviving

The Life of Birds

  1. To Fly or Not to Fly?
  2. The Mastery of Flight
  3. The Insatiable Appetite
  4. Meat-Eaters
  5. Fishing for a Living
  6. Signals and Songs
  7. Finding Partners
  8. The Demands of the Egg
  9. The Problems of Parenthood
  10. The Limits of Endurance

The Life of Mammals

  1. A Winning Design
  2. Insect Hunters
  3. Plant Predators
  4. Chisellers
  5. Meat Eaters
  6. Opportunists
  7. Return to Water
  8. Life in the Trees
  9. Social Climbers
  10. Food for Thought

Life in the Undergrowth

  1. Invasion of the Land
  2. Taking to the Air
  3. The Silk Spinners
  4. Intimate Relations
  5. Supersocieties
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