The Last Horse

The Last Horse (Spanish:El último caballo) is a 1950 Spanish comedy film directed by Edgar Neville starring Fernando Fernán Gómez.[1]

The Last Horse
Spanish dvd cover
Directed byEdgar Neville
Produced byEdgar Neville
Written byEdgar Neville
StarringFernando Fernán Gómez
Music byJosé Muñoz Molleda
CinematographyCésar Fraile
Edited byEdgar Neville
Distributed byE. Neville, Procines Los Films del Buho
Release date
  • 23 November 1950 (1950-11-23)
Running time
85 minutes


Fernando, the protagonist, finishes his military service in the cavalry and decides to buy the horse that has been his companion during this time. However, living with the horse becomes a grave problem, as the city that Fernando knew is not the same. He struggles to find accommodation for the animal, and he faces resistance from both his social circle as well as the new, modern world.



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