The Lady in Red (1979 film)

The Lady in Red is a 1979 action-drama/romantic film directed by Lewis Teague and starring Pamela Sue Martin and Robert Conrad.[2] It is an early writing effort of John Sayles who became better known as a director in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Lady in Red
Film poster
Directed byLewis Teague
Produced byJulie Corman
Written byJohn Sayles
StarringPamela Sue Martin
Robert Conrad
Music byJames Horner
CinematographyDaniel Lacambre
Edited byLarry Bock
Ron Medico
Lewis Teague
Distributed byNew World Pictures
Release date
  • July 1979 (1979-07)
Running time
93 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$900,000[1]


The film tells the crime story of poor farmer's daughter who leaves for Chicago, where she is sent to prison, serves as prostitute, falls in love with a criminal and finally tries bank robbery.



The soundtrack of this film is notable as the first film score composed by James Horner, who became one of the best known film score composers in Hollywood.

Teague recalls, "I was given that script and told to go with it. I didn't really have a chance to mold or change it. It was very socially conscious for an action picture about the Depression. I had 20 days to shoot it, and three to edit and a budget of less than a million."[3]

John Sayles later said the film "didn't turn out the way I wanted because they just didn't have the budget to make the movie right. I wanted that to be a real breathless, '30s, Jimmy Cagney everybody-talking-fast type movie. It turned out a little more like Louis Malle. Different movies have different speeds."[4]


The film was not a big success at the box office. Roger Corman re-released it in 1980 under the title Guns, Sin and Bathtub Gin, but it did not fare much better.[1]

On December 17, 2010, Shout! Factory released the title on DVD, packaged as a double feature with Crazy Mama as part of the Roger Corman Cult Classics collection.[5]


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