The Journey: Our Homeland

The Journey: Our Homeland (Chinese: 信约:我们的家园, also known as Our Homeland) is the third and final season of Mediacorp Channel 8's nation-building trilogy The Journey, the previous two being The Journey: A Voyage and The Journey: Tumultuous Times. Production began in January 2015 and debut in 16 July 2015 with a total of 30 episodes. The show aired at 9pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8am the following day. It stars the young casts with Rui En, Shaun Chen, Felicia Chin, Rebecca Lim, Romeo Tan and Zhang Zhenhuan as the main casts of the third instalment. The show is Channel 8 mid year blockbuster for 2015. The Series is repeated at 5.30pm on Channel 8 on weekdays and 4.30pm on weekends.

The Journey: Our Homeland
Also known asOur Homeland
The Journey Part 3
GenrePeriod drama
Written bySeah Choon Guan 谢俊源
Chen Siew Khoon 陈秀群
Directed byLoo Yin Kam 卢燕金
Png Keh Hock 方家福
Chen Yi You 陈忆幼
Doreen Yap 叶佩娟
Gao Xiu Hui 高秀慧
StarringRui En 瑞恩
Shaun Chen 陈泓宇
Felicia Chin 陈凤玲
Rebecca Lim 林慧玲
Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧
Zhang Zhenhuan 张振寰
Opening themeHomeland (梦里家园) by Olivia Ong
Ending theme之间 by Shin
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes30 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Wong Kuang Yong 黄光荣
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes (exc. advertisements)
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Original release16 July 
26 August 2015
Preceded bySuper Senior
Followed bySealed with a Kiss
Related showsThe Journey: A Voyage (2013)
The Journey: Tumultuous Times (2014)
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Like its predecessors, Our Homeland will be the third periodical drama to use CGI.

The series will be Channel 8's 2015 mid-year blockbuster celebrating Singapore's 50th National Day (SG50). The series is partly sponsored by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore.


This drama serial is the finale of the trilogy “The Journey”. Spanning two decades, it depicts the development of Singapore from her budding steps post independence in 1966 to her era of prosperity in the 1980s. Life diverged into different paths for these spirited youths. They had once lost, fallen and grudged. Nonetheless, kinship prevailed over all and blissful reunions were enjoyed in the end. Together with other families in Singapore, they moved on to strive and work towards building a blessed homeland. Singapore eventually evolves into an illuminous star of Southeast Asia through the united efforts of her people.


Main cast

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Rui En
Yang Meixue
Mottled Face (大花脸)
New Phoenix Troupe's ex-part-time performer
KJ Jeans' ex-worker
Yang Lihua's daughter
Zhang Jia's love interest, later wife
Zhang Junteng's foster mother, later stepmother
Hong Minghui's best friend and colleague
Yan Yisheng's ex-wife and childhood sweetheart
Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's ex-daughter-in-law
Married Yan Yisheng and had his child in episode 17
Miscarried her child and was almost strangled by Yan Yisheng in episode 22
Went to Japan to meet Yang Lihua and her biological father in episode 22
In love with Zhang Jia and accepted his proposal in the end
Shaun Chen
Zhang Jia
Buah Long Long (峇笼笼)
Jia Er (佳儿)
Previously named Hu Jia (胡佳)
Siu Yee Tong's ex-chief
KJ Jeans ex-boss
Yang Meixue's love interest, later husband
Hong Minghui's husband
Zhang Junteng's father
Zhang Min's adoptive younger brother
Zhang Yan's cousin
Yan Yisheng's rival in love
Went to Hong Kong in episode 16
Returned to Singapore to help Hong Kuan cope his depression in episode 20
Decided to stay in Singapore when Zhang Min went to the United States in episode 21
Went to Japan in episode 22
In love with Yang Meixue and proposed to her in the end
1-6, 8-16, 20-22
Felicia Chin
Zhang Min
"Little Nyonya" Pastry Shop's lady boss
Hong Dangyong's wife
Hong Kuan and Hong Rui's mother
Zhang Jia's adopted elder sister
Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's adoptive mother
Wan Feifei and Liu Daidi's mother-in-law
Hong Guo An and Hong Guo Shun's paternal grandmother
Ah Qing's grandmother-in-law
Dai Xiaoxiong's love interest
Indirectly caused the death of Zhang Yan and refused to save him to avenge Hong Dangyong's death in episode 10
Went to the United States with Dai Xiaoxiong in episode 21
Returned to Singapore in episode 29
Forgave Wan Fangfang in episode 30
1-17, 19-21, 29-30
Rebecca Lim
Wan Feifei
Younger version portrayed by Venus Lim
Costume factory's ex-worker
Ex-dance hostess
Wan Shan and Bai Jin'nu's eldest daughter
Wan Zihua's younger sister
Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's elder sister
Hong Kuan's girlfriend
Zhang Yan and Zhang Min's daughter-in-law
Hong Guoshun's paternal aunt
Wan Yiting's paternal aunt
Rescued by Hong Kuan from being hit by a burning cart during the race riots in episode 12
Saved by Hong Kuan from being set up by another co-worker and later saved from being hit by an oncoming motorcycle in episode 14
Was almost raped by Jingui but was saved by Hong Kuan in episode 23
Paralysed after Jingui shot her in episode 27
Did an operation for her paralysis and eventually got better in episode 28
Trapped and badly injured in the Collapse of the Hotel New World and protected Wan Fangfang, and was trapped when Wan Fangfang was rescued because more debris fell
Legs eventually got better, in love with Hong Kuan and married him in the end
Hong Guo An's mother
2-4, 6-7, 12 (Young)
13-14, 18-19, 22-30
Romeo Tan
Hong Kuan
Younger version portrayed by Ian Teng
Kuan Er (宽儿)
Ex-supervisor at the shipyard
Zhang Yan and Zhang Min's son
Hong Rui's elder half-brother
Hong Dangyong's adopted son
Wan Feifei's boyfriend
Zhang Junteng's cousin
Hong Guoshun's paternal uncle
Has a strained relationship with Zhang Min because of Zhang Yan
Supervisor at the shipyard
Badly injured in the Spyros tanker explosion disaster in episode 20
Saved Wan Feifei from being raped by Jingui and was physically abused by Jingui in episodes 23 and 24
Locked with Wan Feifei in episode 25 by Wan Fangfang
Civil defence volunteer when the Hotel New World collapsed in episode 29, saved Wan Feifei and Wan Fangfang
In love with Wan Feifei and married her in the end
Hong Guo An's father
1-3, 6-12 (Young)
13-17, 19-30
Zhang Zhenhuan
Yan Yisheng
Suffered from mental illness after participating in the Cultural Revolution in China

Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's eldest son
Yan Yimin's elder brother
Yang Meixue's ex-husband, childhood sweetheart
Lu Peishuang and Zhiqiang's ex-friend
Zhang Jia's rival in love
Left for China previously
Thought to have died in episode 11; caught and crippled in the Cultural Revolution as depicted in episode 12 to retrieve the burning photograph of Yang Meixue
Returned to Singapore in episode 14 but developed a mental illness due to the guilt of causing Zhiqiang to be beaten to death and Peishuang to lose an eye during the revolution
Forced Yang Meixue to give Zhang Jia up and stay with him by attempting suicide in episode 15
Married Yang Meixue prior to episode 17
Caused the death of his and Yang Meixue's child by walking away when Yang Meixue had a miscarriage
Attempted to strangle Meixue in episode 22; became mentally unstable and was sent to a mental hospital in episode 22
(Hospitalized - episode 22)
Mental illness eventually improved, became a successful writer and had a girlfriend as mentioned in episode 27

2, 12, 14-22

Hong (Dangyong) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Andie Chen
Hong Dangyong
Once named Hong Tian (洪天)
Lawyer from D. Y. Hong Advocate & Solicitor
Zhang Min's husband
Hong Minghui's elder brother
Hong Rui's father
Hong Kuan, Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's foster father
Right-hand crippled
Wan Shan's life saviour
Wan (Shan) family's godfather
Liu Daidi's father-in-law
Hong Guoshun's paternal grandfather
Ah Qing's paternal grandfather-in-law
Killed by Zhang Yan in episode 10 when trying to save Hong Kuan
(Deceased - episode 10)
2-3, 5-10
Felicia Chin
Zhang Min
See Main Cast
Romeo Tan
Hong Kuan
See Main Cast
Ian Fang
Wan Zicong
See Wan (Shan) family
Cheryl Wee
Wan Fangfang
See Wan (Shan) family
Jeffrey Xu
Hong Rui
Younger version portrayed by Alston Yeo

Rui Er (锐儿)
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's son
Hong Kuan's younger half-brother
Daidi's boyfriend
Zhang Junteng's cousin
Hong Guo'an's paternal uncle
Likes cooking
Married Liu Daidi in the end
Hong Guoshun's father

1-3, 6-12 (Young)
13, 15, 17, 19-21, 24, 26-30
Jae Liew
Liu Daidi
See Other Cast
Aloysius Pang
Hong Guo'an
Zhang Yan and Zhang Min's paternal grandson
Hong Dangyong's adopted grandson
Wan Shan and Bai Jinnu's maternal grandson
Hong Kuan and Wan Feifei's son
Hong Rui's paternal nephew
Wan Zihua, Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's maternal nephew
Nick Teo
Hong Guoshun
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's paternal grandson
Ah Xiao and Liu Qing's maternal grandson
Hong Rui and Daidi's son
Ah Qing's husband
Hong Kuan's paternal nephew
UncreditedAh Qing
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's paternal granddaughter-in-law
Ah Xiao and Liu Qing's maternal granddaughter-in-law
Hong Rui and Daidi's daughter-in-law
Hong Guoshun's wife
Pregnant with an SG50 baby

Zhang (Jia) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Shaun Chen
Zhang Jia
See Main Cast
Jeanette Aw
Hong Minghui
Previously nicknamed Kick Your Bum (踢你屁股)
Head Nurse at KK Hospital
Zhang Jia's wife
Hong Dangyong's younger sister
Zhang Junteng's mother
Zhang Yan's ex-wife
Died after giving birth to Zhang Junteng due to loss of blood while helping Ah Niu's wife to give birth
(Deceased - episode 4)
Renfred Ng
Zhang Junteng
Younger version portrayed by 李佐仁
Zhang Jia and Hong Minghui's son
Hong Kuan and Hong Rui's cousin
Born in episode 4
Went to Hong Kong in episode 16
Returned to Singapore in episode 27 to serve his National Service
Saved Wan Feifei and Wan Fangfang while she was trapped in episode 29
4-5 (Infant)
12 (Toddler)
13, 15-16 (Young)
27, 29-30

Yang (Meixue) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Aileen Tan
Yang Lihua
Performer at New Phoenix Troupe
Ex-TB patient
Yang Meixue's mother
Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's tenant
Went to Japan to meet her husband in episode 21; reunited with Yang Meixue and Zhang Jia in episode 22
(Went to Japan - episode 21)
2, 4-5, 8-11, 14-17, 19, 21-22
Rui En
Yang Meixue
See Main Cast

Wan (Shan) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Chen Guohua
Wan Shan
Wan Zihua, Wan Feifei, Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's father
Bai Jin Nu's husband
Hong Dangyong's ex-neighbour
Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's tenant from episode 4-7
Yao Jiahui and Hong Kuan's father-in-law
Wan Yiting's paternal grandfather
Hong Guo'an's maternal grandfather
Knew the death of Zhang Yan
Jailed in Kuala Lumpur during the race riots prior to episode 13
Blackmailed Zhang Min in episode 16, but was accidentally killed by Dai Xiaoxiong after they tumbled down the staircase, stabbing him
(Deceased - episode 16)
1-7, 10, 14-16
Chen Huihui
Bai Jin Nu
Wan Shan's wife
Wan Zihua, Wan Feifei, Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang's mother
Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's tenant from episode 4-12
Yao Jiahui and Hong Kuan's mother-in-law
Wan Yiting's paternal grandmother
Hong Guo'an's maternal grandmother
Dementia patient in episode 18
Died in episode 26 after seeing her four children
(Deceased - episode 26)
2-7, 13-14, 18-23, 25-26
Shane Pow
Wan Zihua
Char Siew (叉烧)
Younger version portrayed by Andres Neo Bo Jun
Wan Shan and Bai Jin'nu's eldest son
Wan Feifei and Wan Fangfang's eldest brother
Wan Zicong's elder brother and rival in love
Yao Jiahui's ex-boyfriend
Su Qiufeng's ex-assistant
Wan Yiting's paternal uncle
Hong Guo'an's maternal uncle
Char siew chef
Uncle Hai's ex-apprentice
Ex-boss of Wei Ji
Broke up with Yao Jiahui in episode 25
Went to Hong Kong in episode 27 to help Uncle Wei and returned in episode 28
Current boss of Wan Ji
2-3, 7, 30 (Young)
13-16, 18-19, 21-30
Rebecca Lim
Wan Feifei
See Main Cast
Ian Fang
Wan Zicong
Villain but later repented
Younger version portrayed by Ezekiel Chee
Lawyer and stock-broker
Wan Shan and Bai Jin'nu's youngest son
Wan Zihua's younger brother and rival in love
Wan Feifei's younger brother
Wan Fangfang's elder brother
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's adopted son
Likes Yao Jiahui
Wan Yiting's father
Hong Guo'an's maternal uncle
Set Hong Rui up in episode 9, but went to seek help leading to his discovery of his medical condition
Ruined Wan Zihua's food in Yao Renyi's wedding anniversary in episode 21
Proposed to Yao Jiahui in episode 27
Shot in the leg by Jingui after he tipped his drug syndicate off in episode 27
Misappropriated funds from Yao Group for investments in the stock market in episode 28
Forged Yao Jiahui's signature and embezzled 3 million from Yao Group when the stock market crashed; attempted suicide out of guilt and realised his mistakes and turned himself in episode 30
Married Yao Jiahui's in the end
1-3, 7-12, 30 (Young)
13, 15-30
Cheryl Wee
Wan Fangfang
Villain but later repented
Younger version portrayed by Isabel Yamada
Manager of "Little
Nyonya", later boss of "New Little Nyonya"
Wan Shan and Bai Jin Nu's youngest daughter
Wan Zihua, Wan Feifei and Wan Zicong's youngest sister
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's adopted daughter
Wan Yiting's paternal aunt
Hong Guo'an's maternal aunt.
Went to Hong (Dangyong) family in place of Wan Feifei in episode 7 by tricking her to go to Tiong Bahru to buy buns for Bai Jinnu
Kidnapped by Jingui after she disposed off his drugs secretly sent by his woman in episode 25, rescued by Wan Zicong afterwards
Locked Wan Feifei and Hong Kuan up in the storeroom to clinch to deal with Mr. Thomas and snatched the deal away from Little Nyonya in episode 25
Repent from her mistakes in episode 29 after involving in the Collapse of the Hotel New World incident with Wan Feifei
1-4, 6-12 (Young)
17-21, 23-30
Jayley Woo 胡佳琪Wan Yiting
Wan Shan and Bai Jinnu's paternal granddaughter
Yao Renyi and Liwan's maternal granddaughter
Wan Zicong and Yao Jiahui's daughter
Wan Zihua,Wan Feifei and Wan Fangfang's paternal niece

Yan (Yisheng) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Li Wenhai
Yan Songtao
Bookstore owner
Su Qiufeng's husband
Yan Yisheng and Yan Yimin's father
2, 4-5, 7, 9-13, 15-16, 20-22
Lin Meijiao
Su Qiufeng
Aunt Tok-tok (笃笃嫂)
Yan Songtao's wife
Yan Yisheng and Yan Yimin's mother
2, 4-5, 7, 9-13, 15-22
Zhang Zhenhuan
Yan Yisheng
See Main Cast
James Seah
Yan Yimin
Yan Songtao and Su Qiufeng's youngest son
Yan Yisheng's younger brother
First batch of National Servicemen in episode 7
4-5, 7, 9-12, 15, 29-30

Wanxing Village

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Darren Lim
Dai Xiaoxiong
Wanxing Village's co-head
Ah Niu's best friend
Hong Dangyong, Zhang Min and Zhang Jia's friend
Likes Zhang Min
Jailed for accidentally causing the death of Wan Shan by stabbing him after they tumbled down the staircase in episode 16, to save Zhang Min from being blackmailed
Diagnosed with brain tumor during his jail term
Released from jail and went to U.S. with Zhang Min in episode 21
(Went to the U.S. - episode 21)
(Deceased - episode 29)
1-7, 10-17, 21
20 (Voice only)
Li Yuejie
Ah Niu/Spareribs
Wanxing Village's co-head
Dai Xiaoxiong's best friend
Colleague of Hong Kuan
Tuoluo's father
Died in the Spyros tanker explosion disaster in episode 20
(Deceased - episode 20)
1-2, 4-7, 10, 12-14, 17, 19-20
Laura Kee
Ah Niu's wife
Wanxing Village's villager
Ah Niu's wife
Tuoluo's mother
1-2, 4, 7, 12-13, 20, 29

Yao (Jiahui) family

CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Marcus Mok
Yao Renyi
Boss of Yao Group
Richest man in Singapore
Yao Jiahui's father
Wan Zicong's father-in-law
Wan Yiting's maternal grandfather
Enslaved Wan Zicong to worship his feet
17-18, 20-21, 23-24, 27-28, 30
Tracer Wong
Yao Renyi's wife
Yao Jiahui's mother
Wan Zicong's mother-in-law
Wan Yiting's maternal grandmother
18, 20-21, 23-24, 26-28
Julie Tan
Yao Jiahui
Lady Bruce Lee (女小龙)
Ex-tour guide
Yao Renyi and Liwan's daughter
Wan Zihua's ex-girlfriend
Wan Zicong's love interest
Involved in a love triangle with Wan Zicong and Wan Zihua
Accepted Wan Zicong's proposal in episode 27
Married Wan Zicong in the end
Wan Yiting's mother
13-21, 23-30

Other cast

  • Note: Only credited cameos are listed.
CastCharacterDescription Episodes Appeared
Zhang Wen Xiang
Main Villain
Wanshou Village's head
Mr Zhu's cousin
Dai Xiaoxiong's enemy
Wan Zicong's client
Attempted to rape Wan Feifei but was stopped by Hong Kuan in episode 23
Was tipped off by Wan Zicong, killed one of his men and Xiaohong, and shot Wan Zicong and Wan Feifei in episode 27, was about to shoot Hong Kuan but was killed by the police
(Deceased - episode 27)
1, 4-7, 10-12, 14, 22-27
Jae Liew
Liu Daidi
Liu Qing and Ah Xiao's daughter
Hong Rui's girlfriend
Hong Dangyong and Zhang Min's daughter-in-law
Saved by Zhang Min from being sold by Ah Xiao in episode 1
Little Nyonya worker
Married Hong Rui in the end

Hong Guoshun's mother

1-2 (young)
17-21, 23-30
Joey Feng
Liu Qing
Performer at New Phoenix Troupe
Ah Xiao's wife
Daidi's mother
Zhang Jia's helper
Hong Guoshun's maternal grandmother
1-3, 5, 8
Rashidal Binti EneeFatimah
Hong Minghui and Yang Meixue's colleague
1, 4-5
Darius Tan
Ah Xiao
Liu Qing's husband
Daidi's father
Tried to sell Daidi but failed in episode 1
Jingui's gang member
Hong Guoshun's maternal grandfather
1-3, 6-7
Vincent Tee
Bao Dating
Town resident
2, 7, 9, 11
Darryl Yong
Yan Yisheng and Zhiqiang's friend
Left for China previously
Caught in the Cultural Revolution as depicted in episode 12
Blinded in one eye during the Cultural Revolution as depicted in episode 18
2, 12, 18
Yan Yisheng and Peishuang's friend
Left for China previously
Committed suicide in fear of Cultural Revolution
(Deceased - During the Cultural Revolution)
2, 12, 18
Dennis George HeathMr. RobertsonChairman of a British club
Mrs. Robertson's husband
Zhang Jia and Hong Dangyong's client
3, 8
Karen Jean StottMrs. RobertsonMr. Robertson's wife
Zhang Jia and Hong Dangyong's client
3, 8
Jingui's gang member who is dumb5-7, 11-12
Romeo Tan
Zhang Yan
Main Villain From Tumultuous Times
Ex-lawyer and ex-politician
Raped Zhang Min in Tumultuous Times
Hong Minghui's ex-husband
Hong Kuan's biological father
Wan Feifei's father-in-law
Hong Guo'an's paternal grandfather
Zhang Jia's cousin
Came out of prison
Returned in episode 6 for revenge
Disguised himself in Mr. Robertson's wedding anniversary and shot Yang Meixue when she protects Zhang Jia in episode 8
Locked Wan Zicong and Wan Fangfang and kidnapped Hong Kuan and Hong Rui in episode 9
Killed Hong Dangyong in episode 10
Died from electrocution caused by Zhang Min not saving him when he is trapped in a shelf containing electricity
(Deceased - episode 10)
Saleswoman the clothes departmental store who thinks Zhang Jia and Meixue are married8
Hong (Dangyong) family amah8-9
Drake Lim
Secretary Liang
Zhang Jia's business partner8-9
Ye Shipin
RichardZhang Jia's client in the jeans industry12-13, 15
柯迪宏Ah Shun
KJ Jeans worker
Lin Meimei's boyfriend
12, 14
周全喜Uncle Hai
Char siew eating house owner
Wan Zihua's boss
Ho Ai Ling
"Little Nyonya" worker13, 24,
"Little Nyonya" worker13-17, 24,
杨迪嘉Li Yuluan
KJ Jeans worker13-16
Leron Heng
Yao Jiahui's best friend
English class student
Cansen Goh
Chen Ze
Film director
Yao Renyi's business partner in episode 18
18, 23
Shirley Teo
Mamasan at the bar Feifei works in
Lady boss of the char siew eating house Zihua works in
19, 23-24, 27, 29
Japanese businessman
Yang Lihua's husband
Yang Meixue's biological father
Henry Heng
BernardNyonya pastry baking competition judge19-20
郑开怀Ah Ming
Colleague of Hong Kuan
Died in the Spyros tanker explosion disaster in episode 20
(Deceased - episode 20)
Kanny Theng
Dance hostess; Feifei's colleague
Killed by Jingui after she told him the truth in episode 27
(Deceased - episode 27)
22-23, 27
Kelvin Soon
AlbertZicong's friend and colleague22, 25,
王瑞显SamProducer of a film Chen Ze turned down23
许晋鸣Ah Quan
Jingui's man23-
刘旭涛Jingui's man
Jingui's man who helped Jingui tie Hong Kuan to the boot of the car23-
郑逸钦Uncle Huang
"Little Nyonya" worker23, 25,
颜孝玄Mr. ThomasBusinessman from Philippines
Zicong and Fangfang's business partner

Deceased but mentioned

Cast Character Description
Chen Hanwei
Hu Weiren
Zhang Jia's adoptive father
Caused the deaths of Zhang Jia's parents Zhang Tianying and Zhang Huiniang
Died from drowning in the sea after his ear is being cut off by Bai Gou
(Deceased - Tumultuous Times Episode 18)


  • Rui En's third periodic drama serial after Code of Honour and Joys of Life.
  • Jeanette Aw is the only cast member to have appeared in all three seasons so far. This is the first series where Aw and Romeo Tan will not have any scenes together.
  • This is Li Wenhai's dual role in the trilogy series, as he appeared in A Voyage as Chen Guang, Zhang Tianying (Allen Chen)'s master and Zhang Huiniang (Joanne Peh)'s life saviour.
  • Romeo Tan's fourth villainous role after Unriddle 2, Joys of Life and Tumultuous Times and also his first dual role, playing Villain Zhang Yan in earlier parts of the show and protagonist Hong Kuan in later parts of the show.
  • This will be the second series after Against the Tide to have at least five of the "8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill" appear. Incidentally, two of the five dukes in this series will play villains; Romeo Tan (Zhang Yan) and Ian Fang (Wan Zicong).
  • This is Ian Fang's third villainous role after C.L.I.F. and On The Fringe
  • The store that the Hong family opened was a reference to The Little Nyonya, another successful period drama series with their theme song also Sang by Olivia Ong, Written by Tan Kah Beng, and Arranged By Terence Teo.
  • The screengrab of Zhang Jia (Shaun Chen) and Yang Meixue (Rui En) eloping suddenly flipped two slides into the end of the credits reel of episode 22.
  • Aloysius Pang and Jayley Woo also had scenes together in Tiger Mum and Super Senior, two preceding MediaCorp Studios series, with the exception that they are not paired up here.
  • Rebecca Lim first collaboration with Venus Lim as younger version of her character
  • Ian Fang first collaboration with Ezekiel Chee as younger version of his character
  • Romeo Tan first collaboration with Ian Teng as younger version of his character
  • Cheryl Wee first collaboration with Isabel Yamada as younger version of her character
  • Shane Pow first collaboration with Andres Neo Bo Jun as younger version of his character
  • Jeffrey Xu first collaboration with Alston Yeo as younger version of his character
  • The Series repeat its telecast on Channel 8 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on weekends succeeding The Journey: Tumultuous Times.
  • The series was repeated at 8am.
  • The series was adapted as a comic and has been selling at Popular Bookstores since November 2015, targeting at upper primary and secondary students. The comic showcases the best of the series, and is promoted by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language.


Song title Song type Performer Lyricist(s) Composer(s) Song Arranger(s) Producer(s)
(Our Homeland)
Theme Song Olivia Ong (王俪婷)
之间 Sub Theme Song Shin (蘇見信)


  • Malaysia's satellite channel Astro Shuang Xing was to air the show first in Asia, beginning from 9 July 2015, Sundays to Thursdays, as with Mind Game (aired on 30 April) and Super Senior (11 June). However, on the discretion of MediaCorp, Shuang Xing has to air the show on the same day as Singapore from 23 July 2015, Mondays to Fridays. Hence, the show was pre-empted five times there. This caused Taiwan SET's Be With You 2 episodes back-to-back telecast to be pushed forward to 5.00pm from 16 to 23 July. In fact, Astro shouldn't have aired MediaCorp dramas first before Singapore does so beginning with Mind Game, as it did not perform well in Singapore and is also nominated for only one technical award in Star Awards 2016, and that only Super Senior and The Dream Makers II were the only dramas in the planned First Global Premiere to win performance categories. The changes in schedule partially influenced Shuang Xing's timeslots of series airing later — following the end of Hong Kong's HKTV global premiere, with effect from 24 September, the channel resumed airing dramas on Mondays to Fridays, and back-to-back encores on Saturdays and Sundays, with the first series to use the new timeslots being Chinese series Best Get Going and MediaCorp's Hand In Hand. Other dramas, such as Youth Power, K Song Lover and My Husband is a Cartoonist, changed their schedules as well, with the exception of same-day telecast as Taiwan series Love Cuisine.
  • Jeanette Aw won six voting-based awards in Star Awards 2015 Show 1, including three Most Popular Regional Artiste Awards, Social Media Award and Favourite Female Character award for her role in The Journey: Tumultuous Times. Aw expressed her wish to withdraw from voting-based award categories in the future. Speaking to the media after the ceremony, Aw said that the move is due to her concern about rabid fans who left messages online saying that they would harm themselves if she did not win enough awards.[1] However, it can be seen that voting for Star Awards 2016 Favourite Female Character for both this series and The Dream Makers II did not remove her from the voting list. Mediacorp quotes that as these awards are determined by online voting, she still had to participate in these awards.[2] She went on to win the Favourite Female Character and Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama) with Qi Yuwu for The Dream Makers II in 2016, which was the last time the Favourite categories were held.

Awards & Nominations

Star Awards 2016

Our Homeland has the next-to-most number of nominations for Star Awards 2016, with 16 nominations - 7 technical, 7 performance and 2 voting-based - in 14 award categories, down from 17 in 2015. The series has at least one nomination in every technical award for drama programmes, winning the Best Cameraman (for Drama Programmes) award. Along with 118, Crescendo, The Dream Makers II and Tiger Mum, it is one of the five dramas to be nominated for both the Best Drama Serial and Best Theme Song.It won one award out of 14 awards.

The Star Awards are presented by Mediacorp.

Star Awards – Acting Awards
Star Awards 2016 Backstage Achievement Awards
Best Director
Loo Yin Kam
Doreen Yap Pei Kiang
Best Screenplay
Seah Choon Guan
Chen Sew Khoon
Best Programme Promo
Chen Pei Chun
Best Cameraman (for Drama Programmes)
Steve Wong Kwok Chung
Best Set Design for Drama Programme
Chen Jiagu 陈家谷
Oh Hock Leong
Best Editing for Drama Programme
Lai Chun Kwang
Star Awards 2016 Show 1 红星大奖2016 上半场 Best Evergreen Artiste Award
Lin Meijiao
Star Awards 2016 Show 2 红星大奖2016 下半场 Young Talent Award
Ian Teng
Ezekiel Chee
Best Theme Song
最佳主题曲 《梦里家圓》
Olivia Ong
Best Supporting Actor
Andie Chen
Best Actor
Shaun Chen
Best Drama Serial
N/A Nominated
Star Awards 2016 Post-show Party
红星大奖2016 庆功宴
Favourite Male Character
Romeo Tan
Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama)
Shaun Chen 陈泓宇 &
Rui En 瑞恩

Fame Awards 2016

Award Category Recipients (if any) Result
Fame Awards 2016 星光大奖2016 Best Actor in a Supporting Role 最佳男配角 Andie Chen 陈邦鋆 Nominated
Ian Fang 方伟杰 Nominated
Shane Pow 包勋评 Nominated
Best Actress in a Supporting Role 最佳女配角 Aileen Tan 陈丽贞 Nominated
Lin Meijiao 林梅娇 Nominated

Asian Television Awards 2016

Award Category Recipients (if any) Result
Asian Television Awards 2016 Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧 N/A Nominated

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