The Journalist (newspaper)

The Journalist (1884 - 1907) was the first successful American trade newspaper covering journalism. It was founded by Leander Richardson and Charles Alfred Byrne and published weekly, commencing with its first issue on March 22, 1884.[1][2][3]

John Christian Freund became a partner in late 1884, and in January 1885, Charles J. Smith (former managing editor of the New York Star) bought the paper. Allan Forman was a long-time editor and owner of the paper.[4][5][6]

The paper published weekly through March 23, 1895, then suspended and restarted from April 17, 1897 to June 16, 1906, before switching to a monthly publication schedule.[3]

The paper was merged into Editor & Publisher (founded in 1901) in 1907.


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