The Irish News

The Irish News is a compact daily newspaper based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is Northern Ireland's largest selling morning newspaper and is available throughout Ireland.[2] It is perceived as being broadly Irish nationalist in its viewpoint, though it also features unionist columnists.

The Irish News
TypeDaily newspaper
FormatOriginally Broadsheet, then Berliner but Compact since 2005
Owner(s)Fitzpatrick family
Founder(s)Bishop Patrick MacAlister
EditorNoel Doran
Founded15 August 1891
Political alignmentCentre-left
Irish nationalism
(with Liberal Unionist columnists)
LanguageEnglish, Irish
Headquarters113–117 Donegall Street
Belfast, Northern Ireland


The Irish News is the only independently owned daily newspaper based in Northern Ireland, and has been so since its launch on 15 August 1891 as an anti-Parnell newspaper by Dr Patrick MacAlister.[3] It merged with the Belfast Morning News in August 1892, and the full title of the paper has since been The Irish News and Belfast Morning News.[4][5]

The Irish News saw a dramatic growth in its circulation with the beginning of The Troubles in 1968; this peaked around the time of the peak in violence in 1971, and declined thereafter.

In June 1982 the paper came under the control of the company’s present owners.[6]


Year (period) Average circulation per issue
2002 (June to December)[7]
2007 (January to June)[8]
2008 (January to June)[9]
2011 (July to December)[10]
2013 (January to June)[11]
2017 (July to December)[12]
2018 (July to December)[13]


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