The Innes Book of Records

The Innes Book of Records is the third solo album by Neil Innes and was released in 1979 to accompany the BBC television series of the same name. The audio recordings on the album are not, however, the same as those used as the audio track for the television series, some of the arrangements being markedly different.

The Innes Book of Records
Studio album by
Neil Innes
Released1979 (UK)
ProducerNeil Innes & Steve James
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The Innes Book of Records
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Each episode in the series was an anthology of short music videos featuring Innes and other performers. At the beginning of each episode is a short introductory video; one showed a man in a spacesuit exploring a deserted house, finding a record player covered in cobwebs, sitting down and listening to a record, so beginning the first song and its accompanying video.

Reviewer Richie Unterberger, of Allmusic, described it as "imbued with the characteristic droll, wry wit and knack for pastiche of all manners of pop music that typify Innes' work", and noted that it veered "more to Ray Davies territory than comedy rock, though Innes isn't at all imitative of the Kinks.".[1]

Track listing

All tracks written by Neil Innes.

Side one

  1. "Here We Go Again" - 3:20
  2. "Montana Cafe" - 3:31
  3. "All In the Name of Love" - 3:43
  4. "Kenny and Liza" - 3:48
  5. "Amoeba Boogie" - 4:27

Side two

  1. "Theme" (instrumental) - 2:51
  2. "Human Race" - 4:30
  3. "Spontaneous" - 3:41
  4. "Love Is Getting Deeper" - 3:34
  5. "Etcetera" - 3:49



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