The Indian Tomb (1921 film)

The Indian Tomb (German: Das indische Grabmal; 1921) was a two-part German silent film directed by Joe May.[1]

The Indian Tomb
Directed byJoe May
Produced byJoe May
Erich Pommer (uncredited)
Written byThea von Harbou
Fritz Lang
StarringPaul Richter
Release date
Budget24 million marks (equivalent to 10 million 2009 €)

It is based on the novel Das indische Grabmal by Thea von Harbou It comprised two parts, Part I: the Mission of the Yogi and Part II: the Tiger of Bengal (German: Das Indische Grabmal: Der Tiger von Eschnapur).

Upon its release, it was neither a critical nor commercial success and has been little seen until two recent restorations were completed, a European film restoration and a U.S. video restoration by David Shepard.


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