The Incredible Invasion

The Incredible Invasion (also known as Alien Terror) is a 1971 Mexican horror film directed by Juan Ibáñez. It stars Boris Karloff and Enrique Guzmán.[1]

The Incredible Invasion
Directed byJuan Ibáñez
Jack Hill
StarringBoris Karloff
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
April 1971
Running time
90 minutes

The Incredible Invasion is one of four low-budget Mexican horror films Karloff made in a package deal with Mexican producer Luis Enrique Vergara. The others are Isle of the Snake People, Fear Chamber, and House of Evil. Karloff's scenes for all four films were directed by Jack Hill in Los Angeles in the spring of 1968. The films were then completed in Mexico. All four films were released after Karloff's death.[2]

Plot synopsis

Gudenberg, 1890: Professor John Mayer has invented a ray gun which runs on nuclear power. During testing, a ray is shot into space and passes a flying saucer. The aliens decide to come to Earth to destroy the weapon...


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