The Immortal Heart

The Immortal Heart (German: Das Unsterbliche Herz) is a 1939 German drama film directed by Veit Harlan and starring Heinrich George.[3] It was based on Walter Harlan's play The Nuremberg Egg and depicts the inventor of the watch, Peter Henlein.[4]

The Immortal Heart
Directed byVeit Harlan
Produced byGerhard Staab
Written by
StarringHeinrich George
CinematographyBruno Mondi
Release date
  • 20 October 1939 (1939-10-20)
Running time
107 minutes
CountryNazi Germany
Budget1,750,000 ℛℳ[1] (equivalent to €6,597,355 in 2009)
Box office2,500,000 ℛℳ[2] (equivalent to €9,424,794 in 2009)



Production began in July 1938.[1] To recreate Nuremberg as it looked in 1517, the streets were covered with sand and other demodernization took place.[2] 500 Sturmabteilung horsemen took part in medieval costumes.[2] Harlan and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels concurred on some cuts to the finished film.[2]


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