The Idol of the North

The Idol of the North is a lost[1] 1921 American silent drama film directed by Roy William Neill and written by Frank S. Beresford and Tom McNamara based upon a story by J. Clarkson Miller. The film stars Dorothy Dalton, Edwin August, E.J. Ratcliffe, Riley Hatch, Jules Cowles, and Florence St. Leonard. The film was released on March 27, 1921, by Paramount Pictures.[2][3]

The Idol of the North
Dorothy Dalton in the film
Directed byRoy William Neill
Produced byAdolph Zukor
Screenplay byFrank S. Beresford
Tom McNamara
Based on"The Teaser"
by J. Clarkson Miller
StarringDorothy Dalton
Edwin August
E.J. Ratcliffe
Riley Hatch
Jules Cowles
Florence St. Leonard
CinematographyLarry Williams
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
  • March 27, 1921 (1921-03-27)
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


As described in a film magazine,[4] while Colette Brissac (Dalton) is inside a saloon in a northwestern gold camp begging for assistance her mother and father, who is a fugitive from the law, die outside the dance hall. She becomes an entertainer in the saloon and develops a cynical contempt for the men of the place, but soon becomes one of the big attractions of this crude stage. The men become angered at her attitude towards them and compel her to marry drunken stranger Martin Bates (August), a young engineer who has been spurned by a girl in New York. The two are thrown into a cabin and held virtually as prisoners. She has pity on his condition and remains as his wife. Martin regains his self-respect, strikes gold, and just as they are set to leave the camp the eastern girl appears seeking her former lover. Her husband, a Wall Street broker, follows her, bring the four into conflict, but there is a happy ending for the dance hall entertainer and her engineer husband.



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