The House on Garibaldi Street

The House on Garibaldi Street is a 1979 American television movie based on the non-fiction book of the same name, written by Isser Harel. It was directed by Peter Collinson and starred Topol and Martin Balsam. The story is about the Mossad operation that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 and returned him to Israel for trial.

The House on Garibaldi Street
DVD cover
Directed byPeter Collinson
Produced byMort Abrahams
Screenplay bySteve Shagan
Isser Harel
Based onThe House on Garibaldi Street
by Isser Harel
Martin Balsam
Janet Suzman
Leo McKern
Nick Mancuso
Music byCharles Bernstein
CinematographyAllejandro Ulloa
Edited byGene Fowler Jr.
Charles Fries Productions
Distributed byCharles Fries Productions
Release date
May 28, 1979
Running time
98 minutes
CountryUnited States


Israeli premier David Ben-Gurion approves a Mossad operation to be led by Isser Harel to kidnap Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi mass murder organizer. Harel's team travels to Argentina to track down Ricardo Klement, who they believe is Eichmann. They soon discover that the Klement family moved two months before. Primo, a local contact, goes to their former residence and gets a lead to Dieter, one of Eichmann's sons. They arrange for a bellboy to deliver a parcel to Dieter, addressed to another son, Nicholas. They trail Dieter, but he goes to the dentist instead of his house. Michael, the agent in charge, sends the bellboy back to the Klements' old address, and he learns their new one. Harel is told that Israel has been invited to send a delegation to Argentina's 150th celebration of its independence, so a special flight can be sent, on which Eichmann can be smuggled out of the country. The Mossad finally spot Eichmann, and Harel flies to Argentina to take over the operation. The Mossad rent three houses near Buenos Aires. They snatch Eichmann off the street and take him to one of the houses. Dieter Eichmann contacts other local Nazis for help in finding his father. The Israeli agents watching Eichmann are conflicted: they want to kill him, but their orders are to bring him back alive. The Israeli special plane arrives. Meanwhile, Michael interrogates Eichmann about his role in the Holocaust. Michael thinks they are on the verge of being caught by the police and should kill Eichmann while they can, but the others talk him out of it. When it is time to leave, they drug Eichmann and disguise him as an Israeli mechanic injured in an accident. A policeman in the pay of the Nazis tries to stop the takeoff, but they persuade the airport officials to let the flight proceed. The plane returns to Israel, where Eichmann is tried, found guilty of crimes against humanity, and executed.



The House on Garibaldi Street was released to DVD by MGM on May 1, 2012, as part of the Limited Edition Collection made available as a DVD-on-demand disc sold by Amazon.

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