The Hound of the Deep

The Hound of the Deep is a 1926 BritishAustralian silent drama film directed by Frank Hurley and starring Eric Bransby Williams, Lilian Douglas and Jameson Thomas.

The Hound of the Deep
Directed byFrank Hurley
Produced byFrank Hurley
Written byFrank Hurley
StarringEric Bransby Williams
Lillian Douglas
Jameson Thomas
CinematographyFrank Hurley
Walter Sully
Distributed byJ.C. Williamson Films
Release date
6 November 1926 (Aus)
February 1927 (UK)
Running time
4,960 feet
United Kingdom

Unlike many Australian silent films, a copy of it survives today.


Under the terms of his uncle's will, John Strong (Eric Bransby Williams) must go to Thursday Island and find a pearl within two years or the Reuben Strong pearling station and his great wealth will revert to another, Black Darley (Jameson Thomas). Eventually Strong finds the pearl, defeats Darley and discovers romance with the daughter (Lillian Douglas) of an island trader (W.G. Saunders).[1]



After the disappointing reception to his documentaries in America, Hurley decided to go into dramatic feature films. He succeed in persuading the Australian-born British theatre magnate Sir Oswald Stoll to provide £10,000 and several actors and technicians to make two films in Papua and Thursday Island, this and Jungle Woman.[2][3]

Hurley and his crew left Sydney in August 1925 and travelled to Thursday Island where they shot The Hound of the Deep.


Reviews generally praised the photography but had reservations about the story.[4]

The film was released in Britain as Pearl of the South Seas.


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