The Headmaster (film)

The Headmaster is a 1921 British silent comedy-drama film directed by Kenelm Foss and starring Cyril Maude, Margot Drake and Miles Malleson.[1] It is based on the 1913 play The Headmaster by Edward Knoblock and Wilfred Coleby. The film can be summarized as a clergyman working as the headmaster of a school tries to persuade his daughter to marry the idiotic son of an influential figure in the hope of being promoted to bishop.

The Headmaster
Directed byKenelm Foss
Produced byH.W. Thompson
Written byEdward Knoblock (play)
Wilfred Coleby (play)
Kenelm Foss
StarringCyril Maude
Margot Drake
Miles Malleson
Distributed byAstra Films
Release date
January 1921
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles



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