The Headless Woman (1947 film)

The Headless Woman (Spanish: Una mujer sin cabeza) is an Argentine film directed by Luis César Amadori and stars Niní Marshall.[1]

The Headless Woman
Una Mujer Sin Cabeza
Directed byLuis César Amadori
Written byLuis César Amadori
Luis Martin de San Vicente
StarringNiní Marshall
Music byVíctor Slister
CinematographyAlberto Etchebehere
Edited byJorge Gárate
Distributed byArgentina Sono Film S.A.C.I.
Release date
April 04, 1947
Running time
90 minutes



  • Niní Marshall as Niní
  • Francisco Charmiello as Manuel
  • Angelina Pagano as Matilde
  • Perla Mux as Nelly
  • Tato de Serra as Carlos
  • Pascual Pellicciotta as Médico
  • Carlos Lagrotta as Cipriano Guevara
  • Camilo Da Passano as Escribano Rómulo
  • Zulma Montes
  • Carlos Perelli as Ricardo Vila Gómez
  • Luis Otero as Tommy
  • Iris Portillo as Gitana
  • Perla Achával
  • Leticia Scury as Faraona
  • Margarita Burke as Lola
  • Antonio Martiánez as Eustaquio Rojas Vilas
  • Gonzalo Palomero
  • Arturo Bamio
  • Nicolás Taricano
  • María Ferez
  • Miguel Caiazzo
  • Carlos Alajarín
  • Marcio Artinelli


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