The Grip of Iron

The Grip of Iron is a 1920 British silent crime film directed by Bert Haldane and starring George Foley, Malvina Longfellow and James Lindsay.[1] It was based on a play of the same title by Arthur Shirley, which was in turn based on a novel by Adolphe Belot. A Parisian lawyer's clerk robs and strangles a series of victims in order to fund his daughter's extravagant lifestyle.

The Grip of Iron
Directed byBert Haldane
Produced byG.B. Samuelson
Written byAdolphe Belot (novel)
Arthur Shirley (play)
StarringGeorge Foley
Malvina Longfellow
James Lindsay
Famous Pictures
Distributed byGFD
Release date
January 1920
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles



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