The Grey Glove

The Grey Glove is a 1928 Australian silent film based on a newspaper serial by E. V. Timms.

The Grey Glove
Directed byDunstan Webb
Written byGayne Dexter (title)
E. V. Timms (story)
Based onnewspaper serial by E. V. Timms
Edited byMona Donaldson
Distributed byJ.C. Williamson Films
Release date
9 July 1928[1][2]
Running time
5,000 feet
LanguageSilent film
English intertitles


An amateur detective, John Courtney, tries to catch a mysterious criminal who always leaves a grey glove behind. Together with his fiancée Margaret he uncovers the work of a foreign spy.[3][4]


  • Aubrey Kelner as John Courtney[5]
  • Val Lassau as Margaret Trent
  • Phyllis Wheldon as Pauline Hemingway
  • Charles O'Mara as Inspector Drew
  • William Thornton as Charlie James
  • Claude Turton as Simpson
  • George Ames as Peterson
  • Carl Francis as Seton Carr
  • James Alexander as Perry


The film was shot at Australasian's Bondi studios.[6] It appears to have been shot prior to August 1926.[7][8]


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