The Greatest Battle

The Greatest Battle (Italian: Il grande attacco, lit. 'The Great Attack') is a 1978 Euro War film co-written and directed by Umberto Lenzi[3] and starring an all-star ensemble cast, including Helmut Berger, Giuliano Gemma, Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, Henry Fonda, John Huston, Guy Doleman, and the voice of Orson Welles. The Italian-West German-Yugoslavian co-production was produced by Mino Loy and Luciano Martino for Titanus. It was also released under the titles The Biggest Battle and Battle Force

The Greatest Battle
Italian DVD cover
Directed byUmberto Lenzi
Produced byMino Loy
Umberto Lenzi
Luciano Martino
Screenplay by
  • Umberto Lenzi
  • Cesare Frugoni[1]
Story byUmberto Lenzi[1]
StarringHelmut Berger
Samantha Eggar
Giuliano Gemma
John Huston
Stacy Keach
Ray Lovelock
Edwige Fenech
Henry Fonda
Narrated byOrson Welles
Music byFranco Micalizzi[1]
CinematographyFederico Zanni[1]
Edited byEugenio Alabiso[1]
  • Dania Film
  • National Cinematografica[1]
Distributed byTitanus[1]
  • Italy
  • West Germany
  • Yugoslavia[2]

Plot summary

The plot follows two families, one American and one German, and how their lives are affected by World War II.



The Greatest Battle passed Italian censors on 19 January 1978.[1] The film was released under several titles, including La Battaglia di Mareth, The Biggest Battle and The Great Battle.[2]


For Mick Martin and Marsha Porter it shows "lots of phony battle scenes, bad acting, and a poor script".[4] Leonard Maltin writes: "Amateurish muddle about WW2 combines tired vignettes with well-known stars, dubbed sequences with others, and newsreel footage narrated by Orson Welles. A waste of everybody's time".[5]


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