The Great Van Robbery

The Great Van Robbery is a low budget 1959 British crime film.[1]

The Great Van Robbery
Directed byMax Varnel
Produced byEdward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Written byBrian Clemens
StarringDenis Shaw
Kay Callard
Music byAlbert Elms (uncredited)
CinematographyJames Wilson (as Jimmy Wilson)
Edited byMaurice Rootes
Danziger Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists (US)
Release date
January 1959 (UK)
1963 (US)
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


Scotland Yard teams up with Interpol to discover the origins of stolen money in a private bank account in Rio de Janeiro. Assigning their best detective Caesar Smith to the case, the money is soon traced to a robbery from a Royal Mint van. Investigations lead to a coffee storehouse where a worker is found murdered and the remaining loot discovered.



The Britmovie website has referred to it as a "routine British crime thriller from second-feature specialists the Danziger Brothers. Denis Shaw convincingly plays Interpol detective Caesar Smith and belies his hefty build to display a nifty line in judo and self-defence." [2]

The camera operator on the film was the future film director Nicolas Roeg. [3]


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