The Great Paris Concert

The Great Paris Concert is a 1973 live double album by jazz legend Duke Ellington preserving pieces of a series of performances given in Paris during February 1963. Several of the tracks were previously edited and included in Duke Ellington's Greatest Hits. Those edited tracks were included on the 1989 CD re-release of The Great Paris Concert.

The Great Paris Concert
Live album by
RecordedFeb 1, 1963 – Feb 23, 1963
Producer(Reissue) Ilhan Mimaroglu, Bob Porter
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The Great Paris Concert
The Symphonic Ellington
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Track listing

All tracks written by Duke Ellington unless otherwise noted. All tracks live.

  1. "Kinda Dukish" 1:52
  2. "Rockin' in Rhythm" (Harry Carney, Ellington, Irving Mills) 3:47
  3. "On the Sunny Side of the Street" (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh) 2:58
  4. "The Star-Crossed Lovers" (Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) 4:18
  5. "All of Me" (Gerald Marks, Seymour Simons) 2:35
  6. "Theme from the Asphalt Jungle" 4:08
  7. "Concerto for Cootie" 2:31
  8. "Tutti for Cootie" (Ellington, Jimmy Hamilton) 4:46
  9. "Suite Thursday: Misfit Blues" (Ellington, Strayhorn) 3:39
  10. "Suite Thursday: Schwiphti" (Ellington, Strayhorn) 2:50
  11. "Suite Thursday: Zweet Zurzday" (Ellington, Strayhorn) 3:55
  12. "Suite Thursday: Lay-By" (Ellington, Strayhorn) 6:25
  13. "Perdido" (Ervin Drake, H.J. Lengsfelder, Juan Tizol) 5:22
  14. "The Eighth Veil" (Ellington, Strayhorn) 2:33
  15. "Rose of the Rio Grande" (Ross Gorman, Edgar Leslie, Harry Warren) 2:41
  16. "Cop Out" 6:58
  17. "Bula" 4:42
  18. "Jam With Sam" 3:51
  19. "Happy Go Lucky Local" 3:25
  20. "Tone Parallel to Harlem" 14:05

Additional tracks on 1989 re-release

  1. "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (Ellington, Bob Russell) 2:33
  2. "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me" (Ellington, Russell) 4:33
  3. "Black and Tan Fantasy" (Ellington, Bubber Miley) 2:43
  4. "Creole Love Call" 2:08
  5. "The Mooche" 5:38
  6. "Things Ain't What They Used to Be" (Mercer Ellington, Ted Persons) 2:53
  7. "Pyramid" (Ellington, Irving Gordon, Mills, Tizol) 3:25
  8. "The Blues" 3:36
  9. "Echoes of Harlem" 3:32
  10. "Satin Doll" (Ellington, Mercer, Strayhorn) 2:27



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