The Great Hotel Murder

The Great Hotel Murder was a 1935 20th Century Fox film directed by Eugene Forde, based on Recipe for Murder a 1934 story by Vincent Starrett.

The film starred Edmund Lowe and Victor McLaglen as rival sleuths, with supporting roles for Lynn Bari, Ernest Palmer (actor) and Madge Bellamy.[1][2]


  1. Halliwell's Film Guide 1987 p.424 "The Great Hotel Murder US 193[4] 70m bw Rival sleuths find the truth about a murder less important than being first to find it out.
  2. Peter A. Ruber The Last Bookman 1995- Page 64 "Vincent fulfilled his contract with The Great Hotel Murder, an exciting mystery featuring Riley Blackwood — amateur sleuth amateur sleuth and Chicago drama critic — but it lacked the finesse and subtlety of Mr. Garment. . for Murder, and to 20th Century-Fox for a perfectly ghastly film starring Edmund Lowe that was nothing like the book"

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